Here’s Why Google’s Ban on Huawei Could Actually Be a Good Thing for the Company!

Following the recent executive order from the US, Google has been forced to suspend business with Huawei.

The Chinese tech giant will no longer be able to license Google’s propriety operating system (but can use an OS based on Android Open Source Project) and other services that it offers. This means that users will no longer be able to use the OS in the future along with its apps and services on upcoming Huawei devices.


Google Has Suspended Huawei’s Android License: Report

An Executive Order is Undemocratic

Ending ties with such a giant contributor to the industry on the basis of an executive order from the President is absurd to say the least. While the US government has been trying to enforce a trade ban on China, blaming Huawei of something without proper evidence is biased.

As far as an executive order is concerned, it just goes on to show that the US government is willing to use underhanded and undemocratic tactics to hurt Chinese conglomerates from growing. Huawei claims to be a privately owned company and unless the US or the government can bring about evidence that it’s actually a Chinese government’s company built solely for spying, no one can reject Huawei’s claim.

Innocent until proven guilty.

Such a big deal breaker of a move requires at least some proper litigation or court order to be put in place along with some appropriate reasoning. It is an irrational move and clearly, there is a legitimate explanation due on the US’s part.

Major Contributor

Secondly, Huawei has made substantial contributions towards the development and growth of Android and the smartphone industry. They have developed an ecosystem that has benefited both the users and the industry. It is the world’s second-biggest phone maker even though it emerged late into the competition.

The company has also spent billions of dollars on improving networks and mobile hardware which has ultimately helped the telecom industry grow.

Putting an executive order on such a major contributor means we are nullifying all that they have created and provided to the society at large.

Opportunity to Grow Further – A New OS

Yes, this is a major blow for Huawei but this is nothing the company cannot take. Having grown so big and influential, Huawei is obviously not going to back down easily. In a way, this could be an opportunity for Huawei and other Chinese companies to fire back at Google by developing their own solutions and promoting the ecosystem of apps they already use in their Chinese market. This will make the competition even tougher for Google.

Huawei had been planning for this scenario for 6 years. The company says that it has already developed its own operating system as a plan B in case they ever got banned by the US.

Huawei and all other OEMs are required to pay royalties to Google for using their OS and Play services. By employing their own operating system in their phones, Huawei will be able to produce much cheaper phones.

Chinese vendors are already widely popular for making smartphones with cheaper price tags and this is an opportunity for Huawei to exploit that even further. This is actually a chance for them to explore possibilities of growing even further beyond.

Privacy Concerns

Google and Facebook are already wildly infamous for their privacy scandals. Recently a web tool named “Purchases” was discovered in Google accounts. This web tool accurately puts together a list of all your online purchases and doesn’t let you delete them without deleting the email at the same time. So there’s no way for you to keep track of your online transactions without Google keeping tabs on it.

Facebook, on the other hand, has been up in its own controversy regarding the data breaches. Personal user data from millions of accounts being sold to third parties is not unfamiliar news to us anymore.

Point being that American companies are already guilty of spying into our personal data and hence it doesn’t make much sense of them to accuse the Chinese of it. Users have an opportunity to switch over to Chinese vendors instead as a better substitute compared to American companies.

  • Google do not Ban Open Source version of Android,
    Only Updates will not available, and this can be even fix by Huawei Patch Update..

    That was done by Google, Intel, Qualcomm and other chip makers, When Huawei Beated Apple Iphone and Become 2nd top Manufacturer of Mobiles in the World, They were High Chance, HUAWEI can easily Beat Korean Samsung to Become No.1 Mobile Brand….. So, United Snakes tried to Ban Huawei in United Snakes, Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea…

    • Google don’t ban open source Android. However, if you’re making profit off of your device you need to license Android from Google and that lets you legally include Google Play services on your devices. Also partners get early access to Android versions so they can start customizing it for their devices.

      This ban essentially means that even if Huawei starts including building off of AOSP, it will no longer be able to include Google Play Store or any other GP service out of the box and every customer will have to manually install them. In addition to that, Huawei will not be getting early access to Android source code so timely OS updates are out of the question.

        • Yes, can install. Google going only to ban some of its free services like Google map and Gmail etc.

          • All Google PlayStore Apps Easily Avaible at APK File :
            Current User Cannot Face Any Issuess

            • Sahi kaha. Lekin kitne Android users aisay hain jo manually Google Play ko download kar k install karenge Huawei devices par har Android update k bad? Is se acha hai k kisi aur company ka phone lelo.

              • Dear Huawei Now It’s Worth Less Phone in Market Soon :
                High Range Specs Mobile Coming with Low Price :
                Ap Andriod He Chalaoge APK File K Sath Ya HongMenOS Pura Andriod Copy Kar Lega

          • You can google it if you like. This license lets Huawei legally include GP services with its devices. After it, Huawei won’t be able to include them and each user will have to manually install them.

            Google isn’t going to “ban” any of its free services on Huawei phones. Huawei just won’t be able to include them with its phones once the temporary license expires. If the user himself manually installs these apps then they will start working again. There’s no “ban.” If you don’t have knowledge kindly keep your comments to yourself.

      • So you plan to have a separate OS with a separate playstore? Hello, remember Windows phones? This is not a child’s play

      • Yeah, MANY Other Manufacturer (A Chines Brand) & They Will Focus on China OS in Future & Only Samsung Nokia Etc can release the set into Andriod In Future

      • Childish comment! Even you don’t know about Google market worths and all about their thousands projects. Huawei mostly penetrate in Asia market but Google and its all services running around the world.

        • HUawei in Asia : Huawei Beat Apple & Mostly Out Side of Asia People Using Huawei :
          Market Trend hai Bhai Next Few Month Main World Largest Banne Wala tha :
          USA Se Nahi Dekha Gyaa
          Because Koi Bhi USA Ka Product HUAWEI Use Nahi Kr Raha tha

  • Chinese devices are more vulnerable all the time. Huawei now no longer second largest mob tech company in world. Most ppl will move to other giants like Samsung, Nokia and iPhone. Same if we talk about Huawei routers, switches and firewall they can never beat the US global Tech Giants CISCO and Juniper.

  • qasam khuda ki khushi hui ……. to all those friends who worked in huawei and for huawei projects in telecom would tell that how this company treat its employees …….
    and the worse thing these chinese companies did to telecom sector that they made the business worse by decreasing cost of equipment to grab business …… decrease salaries, cutting benefits and layoff is a common thing ……..

  • How about a free fone strategy? Free hardware and very few charges of software and cheap cheapest fones of Huawei? Like xiaomi?? Chinese always know the cheapest way. They can compromise quality but not on price lol. So cheap, cheaper cheapest technology works for them. They will be back in market with CCC strategy.

  • Still we have three months to change mobiles.
    On Monday 20 May 2019, the US Commerce Department issued a temporary general licence (TGL) restoring Huawei’s ability to maintain some existing products – for consumers, this is restricted to handsets. The TGL is currently set to expire on 19 August 2019.

  • Author needs to take into account that it’s not easy to launch an operating system and have it adopted by everyone. Ask Amazon, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, and Blackberry to name a few. All tried to make their own mobile OS and all failed miserably. Microsoft even offered people money to develop apps for its Windows Mobile but even that didn’t work.

    Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft are much larger than Huawei and have much more influence over the tech space. If they couldn’t do it, what makes you think Huawei will be able to?

    • Samsung never went all in when it was working on its OS. Google talked Samsung out of it.
      And Amazon is still using its OS. The company never planned on going global.
      This leaves Microsoft and Nokia. They were using an unfinished OS and competing for phone market share as well as OS market share.

      Huawei doesn’t face any of these problems. Its already got the second highest market share and is bigger than Nokia, Microsoft etc in the phone market, all it has to do is to allow Android apps to run on its OS and use its EMUI over its own OS.
      Most users won’t even feel any difference since it will look, feel and work the same.

      • Samsung did go all in. Its OS just didn’t take off.

        If you have used Amazon’s appstore you would know it’s a sorry excuse for one. And FireOS is still running on Android 5 which says volumes about how successful it really was.

        Microsoft and Nokia were never running “incomplete OS.” Symbian and Windows mobile were complete in every sense. Nobody was interested in adopting them. Nokia even stuck with Symbian and rejected Android for as long as possible, not to mention Symbian was once the most used smartphone OS in the world. That sounds like unfinished to you? And what part of Windowd phone 10 was unfinished?

        What about Blackberry? The company that was standing in 07 where Apple is standing now. It was the gold standard of luxury OS back then.

        Huawei’s OS will crash and burn. Not just because people won’t adopt it, but also because US highly suspects Huawei of building backdoors into its equipment since Chinese military has invested heavily in the company. If Huawei ever launches its OS it will flop. Just wait and watch.

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