Google Has Suspended Huawei’s Android License: Report

In a recent blow to Huawei, Google has suspended business with the Chinese tech giant following a blacklist order from the US.

Complying with the executive order from President Trump, Google is suspending business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services. However, publicly available services through open source licensing will still be available to Huawei.

“We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications. For users of our services, Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices,” said a spokesperson from Google.


Users with current Huawei devices will still be able to use Google’s apps and updates, but the next versions of their Smartphones will lose access to Google’s operating system (Android) and popular applications including Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, etc.

Furthermore, chipmakers including Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx, and Broadcom have told their employees that they will not be supplying chips to Huawei until further notice.

How it Happened

This move from Google comes after the Trump administration officially added the telecoms manufacturer to a trade blacklist last week, declaring a national economic emergency to ban the technology and services of “foreign adversaries”. The blacklist quickly led to restrictions that would prevent the Chinese tech company from doing business with US companies.

It bears mentioning that it isn’t Google’s choice to pull Android support from Huawei, rather, the company has been forced to do so under United States law.

This is a major hit for Huawei as it could seriously cripple the company’s Smartphone business all across the globe. Huawei hasn’t commented much on the subject as of yet, saying only that it is going to be “fine”.

  • Android is Open Source, they can easily create the system once it launch for public, just they’re effected on early access.
    Nothing to worry…

    • Android may be open source but it’s not free to use for companies who are making profit off of it, in which case a license from Google is required. This license lets companies include Google Play services and gives them early access to the source code of Android versions so they can customize it for their own devices.

      This ban means even if Huawei bases its phones’ OS on AOSP (Android Open Source Project), it won’t be able to include Google Play Store or any other GP service into the OS. Also say goodbye to timely Android OS updates to Huawei phones because when they had a license they got access to the Android source code months in advance before it was released to the public.

      All in all this isn’t a death sentence for Huawei’s phones but it is going to be very damaging for them.

  • What would be the effect on existing users? like app updates etc. What would be the market share of Huawei specially in Pakistan? Is this effects on second hand resales?

    • As per the statement by google, present devices will not be affected. But, huawei will now have to use a self-made OS and with own app store. Moreover, intel and other US-based tech companies that account for a major percentage of hardware in huawei devices have had a ban imposed on them to not sell anyting to huawei from today. This means that they will have to use lower grade AND expensive alternatives.

  • What is the source of this news? Neither i have it on BBC nor TOI…. You know, times of India rush to post news regarding Pakistan and China

  • Wht do you expect from american terrorist. If they can’t beat Huawei through regular sales then they beat it by banning it. Shame on american terrorists.

  • They have already baidu playstore n bhla bhla and they just announced that they have plan B, lets c what that plan is

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