Diplomatic Standoff: Bangladesh Stops Visa Service for Pakistanis

Bangladesh, in an apparent protest, has stopped processing visas for Pakistanis for all categories.

Over the last week, no visa has been issued to Pakistanis in any category, said Dhaka Tribune late on Monday.

This seems to be a reactionary move from Bangladesh as Pakistan has not renewed the visa for the Visa Officer at the Bangladeshi High Commission in Islamabad.

Bangladesh blames Pakistan for playing delaying tactics for the renewal of the visa which expired on March 30.

“For the last seven months, there has been no visa officer at the high commission as the Pakistan government are dilly-dallying in issuing the visa to the appointed official in Bangladesh,” reported Dhaka Tribune.

As a result, Bangladesh has temporarily closed visas for Pakistanis.

“Issuance of any visa to Pakistani nationals remains suspended as the visa counter in Bangladesh High Commission in Islamabad has been closed since last Monday [May 13],” DK quoted Iqbal Hossain, counselor (press) at Bangladesh High Commission in Islamabad.

The Bangla official said that they have informed the South Asian wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan and the visa counter will remain closed until the visa officer gets his visa.

The diplomatic tussle between the two countries started when Bangladesh refused to accept Saqlain Syedah as Pakistan’s new high commissioner to Bangladesh, but Pakistan insisted on it.

Then six months ago, the country re-notified Pakistan that it still doesn’t accept Syedah and asked for an alternative nomination – Pakistan didn’t respond to what they deemed an unnecessary objection.

Officials from the foreign ministry are yet to respond to the development.

Via: Dhaka Tribune

  • Ab Ye Waqt A Gaya Pakistan Ka k “BANGALIO” Ne Visa Pe Pabandi Lagayi hai Pakistanio Par

    ALLAH Reham Kare AAAMEEN :

      • Have you met “regular bangalis”? In England they are breaking legs of Pakistanis just because they are Pakistanis. Bangalis are full of hatred for Pakistanis

    • Yeah the prejudices you people have about Bangladesh stem from your ignorance about that country. It surpassed Pakistan long ago.

  • Stupid article
    Before defaming Pakistan and publishing a story without verifying both sides of the picture, you shouldn’t write such article.

    Bangladesh Embassy wasn’t issuing Visa even when they had that so called Visa officer.

    They even deny visa to dual nationals who are eligible to Visa on arrival just because of Pakistani origin.

    • Some Pakistanis have families there on account of the fact that Bangladesh used to be a part of Pakistan. Then there are businessmen who have invested there instead of investing in Pakistan because the economy here is mismanaged.

    • Yes My 40% Family are in Bangladesh Still : But We Are Not Interested to Get VISA For Bangladesh Since 1970 :
      Due to High Fares Per Person for Rest 60% People in Pakistan :
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      Even they are earned less income for bearing home expense against Pakistan :
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      That’s Why we didn’t want to Get Visa for BangLadesh

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