Govt. Plans to Introduce Special Low-Grade Petrol for Motorbikes

The government is mulling over introducing special low-grade petrol for motorbikes to enable the obsolete refineries to resume operations and offer an economical option to bike owners.

According to the sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed his special assistant on petroleum Nadeem Babar to review the proposal to introduce 80-82RON petrol for two-wheelers.

Reportedly, this proposal has been put forth by Abdullah Malik, an official of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA).

Pakistan had given up low-grade 82RON three decades ago. In fact, it had switched over from 87RON petrol to 92RON around two years ago, up to par with the international fuel standards. Research Octane Number (RON) represents the quality of fuel. Usually, fuel with higher RON is expected to be cleaner and of better quality.


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According to a petroleum official, oil marketing companies are against the idea of a low-grade fuel, as they will have to invest in additional nozzles at all retail outlets along with keeping separate storage tanks across the country to maintain the supply chain.

The Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum is scheduled to take up the matter today.

The introduction of low RON fuel for motorcycles can cause a drastic reduction in the import bill and will also utilize the obsolete oil refineries. However, the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) deems the initiative as a huge step backward.

Via: Dawn

    • I think you’re using it whole your life.
      Its just 3 year ago, they stop refining it at that level.

    • Bike Engines in Pakistan used and manufactured today are designed to work on at-least 87 RON. If lower RON fuel are used the un-burnt residuals will result in engine knocking causing wear tear, thus increasing maintenance cost of users. The exhaust emission levels of CO, NOX and HC would not comply with national emission standards and per liter mileage will decrease drastically putting additional burden on pocket of user.

      Availability of low quality fuels at a lower price will encourage mixing of fuels for all vehicles. This in turn will through up challenges all along the supply chain. Low RON fuel will be distributed by unscrupulous elements resulting into a host of problems for the final users.

      Country has gone on better fuel quality to improve emissions and achieve better emission standards. Instead of going to even better specifications, such proposals will result in roll back of all efforts and investments made to upgrade vehicles. World is moving ahead and this proposal is dragging Pakistan back to stone age. What next … will someone from OGRA say to start using animal drawn carts to decrease dependence on fuel altogether.

  • WHAT ABOUT ENVIRONMENT?? Oh Ofcourse, smog is a non issue in Pakistan…..!!!!

  • Pehlay hi pump walay 2numbri mai sab se aagay hain. Agr fraud kar k wo petrol 4 wheelers mai shoru kar dia to? PM is ready to take the responsibility?

    • Yeah : Car Wale Ins’t Safe PM Sahab Want Car Hathao MUHIM Chala Rahy hai

  • yr yea kia chawal govt hai, petrol pumps walo nay wo hi low quality fuel garion may b dalna shru kr dana hai with original high prices,
    govt sirf apni na-ahli chupane k liye yea chawlen mari rahi hai,
    gari alag tabah ho gi or bikes alag khrab

    1st, em using high octane for my car and normal fuel for bike,
    2nd: i did vote for imran khan but imran khan sahab nay gareeb awam ko rula k rakh dia hai hai,

    whenever log jab imran khan k khilaf roads pr aen gay to mai b hun ga…


  • Emission, pollution, investment on pumps, more bike maintenance cost means more parts import – just to save some pennies on the whole.

    Better to install pedals on motor bikes than going for RON 82.

    Bander ke haath mein ustra ho
    Niazi ke haath mein govt.

    Baat aik hi hai.

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