US Temporarily Lifts Ban on Huawei

Over the weekend, the tech world was shocked when Google was forced to cut ties with Huawei after Donald Trump’s executive order put a blacklist on Chinese vendors.

Now, the Department of Commerce has given Huawei a temporary license to continue doing business with American companies.

In a statement on Monday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said,

The temporary general license grants operators time to make other arrangements and the [commerce] department space to determine the appropriate long term measures for Americans and foreign telecommunications providers that currently rely on Huawei equipment for critical services.

It is only a temporary license which is going to last until August 19. This will allow the company to continue working with US corporations and support current customers until the license expires. It will maintain business relationships with Google, Intel, Qualcomm, and others to release software updates on existing hardware.


Here’s Why Google’s Ban on Huawei Could Actually Be a Good Thing for the Company!

This is good news for Huawei and other Chinese phone makers as it gives them more time to prepare for the future and support their existing devices.

However, this does not mean that all is well between the American and the Chinese. Yes, this does give them more time to prepare, but if the relationship between Huawei and the US doesn’t change, the restrictions will go back into full effect.

Huawei, in response, has said that the reprieve “does not mean much” to them as they had already been preparing for a potential blacklisting. The Shenzen based company warned that the US is underestimating Huawei.

  • Mostly Andriod Mobile Manufacture BELONG TO China
    Now TEMPORARY Ban to Huawei : If China Launch Own OS System :
    All Manufacture will be changed into China OS Instead of PlayStore :
    China Are # 1 in the Market for Copying of ANything :

    Remeber Google : You Will Lose User Data Profit :
    Only Nokia Samsung Can Buy Andriod Services

    • 1st: not mostly, production units of all mobile companies are in china i.e Apple, Sumsung, oppo, huawei, Oneplus and so on
      2nd: sooner of later huawei launch its own OS {(operating system) OS system is wrong} only new devices support new Huawei OS not preceders.
      3rd: Not sure this OS is open like android or close like apple OS. if it is close OS then only huawei devices will support this, not all chinese phone can shift to this OS
      4th: China IS # 1 for making replica but worst quality not even better.

      China already banned Iphone in their country, google engine, google cloud and all google services are banned in china, so banning huawei is wise decision by US even too late

        • @ABS
          Apple was never 100% made in China. It was assembled in China 100%. If you look at Apple Phones, you will find out that almost 16 countries were providing different parts for Apple Phones, including China, which were then put together in China to make a handset.

      • 2- Sooner or later Samsung and other companies will shift from Android too. Samsung have already tried it with Tizen. Google too is experimenting Fuchsia OS. So, this is not true for only Huawei or Chinese companies.

        3- Google doesn’t own Android. It’s an open source project anyone can use it without Google’s permission. Huawei only lost access to Google’s version of Android which contains Playstore and Google apps like Gmail, Drive, Google Search, Chrome etc. These apps are already banned in China.

        China is the 2nd biggest market for iPhone sales.

      • I have a disagreement on some points;
        3. The conflict between US and China is getting worse day by day so why wouldn’t other Chinese phone makers prefer Huawei’s HongMeng OS? They would certainly think this may also come to them so HongMeng OS might their best option. Although, they won’t shift in the early stage but will wait for some time to see the public acceptance and more importantly HongMeng OS app store acceptance for the developers
        4. Forget their past, they are in race with others from biological sciences to space sciences.
        A). Don’t you know about the Chinese doctor who made first gene edited HIV free babies on his own using CRISPR?
        B). On Jan 2, 2019, Chang’e 4 descended into history when it made a safe touchdown on the far side of the moon, the nation accomplished something nobody has managed to do before….
        C). What about The Three Gorges Dam which has been the world’s largest power station in terms of installed capacity (22,500 MW) since 2012? Isn’t it called QUALITY?

  • bada ehsaan kia hai na :/ huawei does not gives a damn, next huawei smartphone mn shyd apna OS use krn

  • Its not just OS that matters. Windows 10 mobile was an outstanding OS in its own but the thing which didn’t let it flourish was the availability of “APPS”. So even if Huawei launches its own OS, it will have to fight for its survival because of lack of apps for their OS.

    • Yep that’s what I was thinking about… They have a long race to catch up. In my opinion, Huawei must lunch their OS in the first chance. Otherwise it will badly hurt them if the meetings don’t end well

  • Here is my take on this issue based on the different comments I read above and what I read online from different sources.

    1. Huawei has already developed an OS as backup plan in case such an issue ever came up.
    2. The OS is based on Open Source Android, meaning their phones will support all the Apps that are available on Play Store.
    3. Huawei can easily integrate another APP Store in their phones to facilitate its customers for the APPs. There are a few options available.
    4. As mentioned in a comment that Windows Phones downfall was due to availability of APPs. This is true, but the problem in parallel was active handsets, that’s why developers were not very much interested in developing many APPs for Windows platform. In Huawei case, there are billions of active devices and developers will not risk their business by not making APPs for Huawei OS (again mentioning, its based on Android OS Open Source).
    5. If China passes a similar law that Chinese Manufacturers will not Opt for Google Android, then Google might need to close their Mobile OS/APPs business since they will not have enough volumes and we might see a new OS in competition to Google Android.

  • 5G is been launched in many countries 2019 in major areas and will be in most cities in 2020. Apple and Google don’t have 5G phones till late 2021. Even if they have in late 2021.. the quality will not so good, soo many customers will move to Huawei (5G network leader) and sumsung. This ban will last for 2-3 years till they are able to catch up without losing a lot of market share.

  • The damage to the Huawei’s stable market is done. It seemed to be a tactic by US to control the Huawei International market. Now the consumers will think of the resale value before buying the smartphone. If it is possible for Huawei to challenge the temporary ban and compensate the loss in the international court than it will be a huge win for Huawei and a great boost of confidence to Chinese companies, be it in any sector.

  • I will sell my huawei mobile its is now trash company and other than android and ios are nothing but trash junk.

      • Keep using this trash once android if off Huawei will become history like Microsoft failed windows mobile nokia failed and blackberry.Huawei was good on android without it no one will consider huawei.

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