Excise Department Refuses to Register Homemade Car

After putting in four years of untiring effort and spending Rs. 600,000 on building his dream car, a Rawalpindi man was utterly disappointed to realize that it was all in vain.

Like many of us, 54-year-old Abdul Majeed had always dreamt of owning a car. But poverty kept him at bay for 50 years until he finally decided to build one of his own along with his son Ibadul Islam who is a mechanical engineering student.

The father-son duo worked for four years, investing all their savings in their DIY project. And when the car was ready to hit the road – they hit a major snag.

“The excise department has refused to register our car,” Ibad told a local daily. “They say there is no law that allows registration of a car that someone has made on their own,” he said with a low tone and a tinge of disappointment in his eyes.

Ibad says he and his father worked day in day out to build this car, but it was very disappointing that the authorities refused to register it.

Majeed, the resident of Dhok Chiragh Din area of Rawalpindi, said he never knew if he could succeed in building his dream car in the first place.

We were not sure if we would succeed in making our dream a reality, but we had faith that our hard work would bear fruit one way or another.

Majeed described the process of building the car quite daunting. He said that he had a welding station at home, so they began preparing the body parts, such as doors, bumpers, the roof, and the trunk.

We bought other parts off the shelf. Like the engine, we procured it from an auto plant.

Majeed said he took to the internet whenever he faced difficulty, adding that they spent over 9,000 hours on this project.

They have used stainless steel for the body of the car, it can seat five people and has both a front and a back camera.

Abdul Majeed said he was delighted to have realized his dream but saddened by the fact that the authorities don’t appreciate the effort.

He urged the government to encourage people like him so that homemade cars can also be introduced to the markets.

Via: Tribune

  • Why Excise Why ? At lest you should be legal bound that ‘Only ONE Car HomeMade Are Acceptable”
    Duniya MAIN Aisa to Kahi Nahi Hota :


  • Most cars have to undergo rigorous safety testing before they’re allowed on public roads.
    We have no idea what would happen to the car if it got into an accident. The car could explode, or some car parts could even impale the driver or passengers.

    Although the decision may be unpopular, it was a sound and rational one by the excise department.

    • Are you sure that local made cars by our automobile companies can’t explode, have enough security checks for drivers and passengers.

      • Mehran should be shown at Sesami Street cartoon. it could be an invention in its time, once upon a time. Today the grand children inherits Mehran from grand parent, for him to go to school. Please make sure whether its not giving out smoke, from Phuski which released in Ionisation process for welding. Mehran can be a Phuski car because its cool no farts from exhaust, from the place of serving and can be easily incorporated with Uber/Careem franchise for cool Phuskis, which the passengers love the Phuski fragrance.

  • Excise department is 100% right for not registering the homemade vehicle, Who has checked the safety standards.

  • i guess excise did this right…

    its like when we say drunk driver on road doing shitty things on road and we just say: is chawal ko kis nay licence issue kia hai..

    DIY car should not be on road, its too dangerous for others

    • Many Car, Suzuki Loading Buses Transport are too dangers for Humanity :
      Bohat Se Phaat Bhi Gaye the ”
      Where that Rules Safety Frist ” Ek Banda Apni Hatho Se Bana K Khud Chala Chah Raha hai to UNGLI_ Karni hai SUb Ne

  • this is reason people import item from abroad, because local menufactures are not moitvated in term these laws.

  • This is ridiculous, just give the man some credit, applaud for him, arrange some ceremony, tell him that we appreciate your efforts and will test your vehicle then we will register it, why u excise people easily through ideas in bin?

  • All the people shouting about Mehran, if this car gets registered then tomorrow every tom dick and harry will come with their invention of cars like Vespa and Rikshaw cars. It was the right decision but hard to accept by most Pakistanis who dont believe on rules and regulations

  • I think excise department is right. Despite of safety standards there should be also some legal and copyrights constraints for them. Many parts of this vehicle like engine, steering wheel, windshield, seats seem to be dismentled from other vehicles. However this person should be appreciated at government level and provided facilities and guidance to make all parts exclusively and to fulfil legal requirements in course of registration.

  • Totally correct and right decision. But now they should setup some conditions of tests that the homemade car owner can get certified from some showroom or company for its health check. Then it may be denied or allowed to come on road. For those who oppose the right thing to do. I believe if that unknown homemade vehicle hits the road bad whom to blame. Tge prototype should be put to display in exhibition but not on road.

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