Here’s What’s New in Windows 10 May Update

Microsoft is finally rolling out the May 2019 Windows 10 Update for users around the world.

We got an early look on it back in April through an Insider build. It was originally meant to be called the April 2019 update but was later delayed to May for a more stable release.

Now that it is finally out, let’s have a look at some of the noteworthy features.

Big Changes to Windows Update

Alas! the change we have all been begging for is finally here.

With the new update, Windows will no longer force you to update your system every 6 months. You can now keep using your current version of the OS in peace and quiet without Windows routinely bothering you with reminders or automatically installing updates and restarting your PC. Now you will only see a notification for the update(s), and Windows will only update itself with your permission.

You will only be forced to get security fixes once in 18 months.

A bit disappointing that Windows took this long to implement this, but it’s nice to see it finally happen nonetheless.

Light Theme

For those who are not fans of the gloomy look of Windows 10, the May update is bringing you a shiny new light theme.

Once activated, the taskbar, the start menu, action center, etc all become light instead of dark. It even features a default light themed wallpaper with it.

It is activated the same way Dark Mode is. You go into settings and select the “colors” tab and then follow on to a theme of your choosing.

Upgraded Start Menu Search Option

The search option in the start menu is about to get a lot more useful.

With the new search, you can search for files anywhere on your PC using the Windows search index. Previous versions of Windows 10 only searched through a few libraries and folders including Documents, Downloads, etc.

To enable this you need to go into Settings > Search > Searching Windows and select “Enhanced” to make the index search your entire PC. The older version which only searches a few libraries and folders is still available in the options.

Passwordless Login

You no longer have to type in your usual passwords. Instead, you will be texted a security code to your phone which you’ll need to log in to your PC/Microsoft account.

This new passwordless login feature will make your Microsoft account and PC more secure.

Of course, this is not mandatory. You can disable it anytime to go back to conventional passwords or pins.

Other Stuff

This isn’t all that Microsoft added to the update. Here’s a rundown of the rest of the smaller features and additions that were added in the May update:

  • You can now uninstall more built-in apps.
  • Cortana and the Search Bar are now separate.
  • There’s a new dedicated system tray icon for Windows updates.
  • Virtual Reality desktop apps are now available.
  • More automatic troubleshooting.
  • Notifications can be hidden for full-screen apps.
  • Easy access to Linux files.
  • Notepad improvements.
  • Improvements for the Game Bar.
  • General Speed improvements.

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