Punjab Govt Bans Pillion Riding in Rawalpindi District

Punjab Home Department has imposed a ban on pillion riding in the Rawalpindi district to control street crimes.

A notification has been issued in this regard, stating that the ban will prolong for two weeks (21 May to June 4) from 7 pm to 7 am. The ban is not applicable to women, senior citizens, children below the age of 12 years, employees of essential services, and law enforcement personnel in uniforms.

Reportedly, the ban has been imposed as per the recommendation of Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Chaudhry Ali Randhawa who told the Home Department that an alarming increase has been noticed in the street crime in the district.

Therefore, he recommended a ban on pillion riding, as a majority of the criminals use motorcycles to target the citizens. The Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Punjab, has announced a ban on pillion riding for two weeks to curb such street crimes.

A notification has been sent to all concerned officials like Regional Police Officer (RPO) and City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi.

  • street crime isn’t effected by pillion ridding, Karachi is example, instead you are hurting middle class and lower middle class because of inefficiency of Law enforcement agencies

  • Crime rate will go up due to unemployment and sky high inflation

    Keep on devaluation of Rs and increase in interest rate and Pakistan is now in “Stagflation”

    Well done economic wizards

    • Give Opportunity of People of Income
      Give Loan Facilities
      In Case of Not Giving above then
      Give Them Three Time Meal with Family

      Criminal Break the Rules if above facilitates not available in Premises :

      RIP Ban in Riding

  • That’s only happen when authorities unable to control crime. We already witness that these type of policies implemented through out the year specially on religious occasions.

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