UBL Digital App Now Lets You Open Your Account Without Visiting a Branch

While Pakistan has historically been a cash-based economy, going forward, it is expected that there will be an accelerated shift to non-cash transactions. In recent times, thanks to the influx of smartphones, banking has never been easier due to the advent of banking apps that help you manage your daily transactions at the tip of your fingers.

Banking apps are expected to allow for most common transactions and while some are good enough, most Pakistani banking apps fail at it. However, UBL Digital App takes the lead in this case with its features that allow its customers the financial independence that helps them manage their digital lifestyle anytime, anywhere while on the go. Whether it’s account security or simply the number of useful features, UBL Digital App meets international standards offering everything a Pakistani user needs to make their account more mobile.

UBL was also the first bank in Pakistan to introduce a Digital Design Studio where the discipline of design thinking and agile development methodologies is followed.


Create an Account Using UBL Digital App

What sets this app apart from other banking apps is its nifty feature that allows any new customer to apply for a new account using the app feature called onboarding. What this means is that new customers don’t have to visit UBL branches to open a new account as the procedure can be initiated and completed remotely as there’s no need for any paperwork.

With onboarding, you can create your new account by following these simple steps:

  1. Once you’ve installed the app, you just need to tap on “Sign Up for Mobile Banking” and choose “Instant Sign Up”.
  2. Once the request is processed, a UBL representative will contact the customer to set up a meeting at the customer’s desired location and time to take the account opening process forward.
  3. This cuts down on all the hassle as the bank comes to the customer rather than the customer going to the bank and scurrying around to fill the paperwork.

This feature has the potential to revolutionize the banking sector and attract more citizens to open an account as one of the biggest hurdles towards opening an account is the hassle. The hassle to stand in a queue, multiple visits to the branch in case you are missing a document(s) goes away with UBL Digital App. You can start using the UBL mobile app right away once your account is created. (This service is currently available only in Karachi)

Other Features

This is not all as the UBL Digital App brings a host of useful features that turn common transactions into a breeze. Some of these include Instant Mobile top up, Utility bill payments, IBFT (Funds Transfer), School Fee payments, QR payments and much more.

Moreover, the app has a minimalist design that lends to a user-friendly experience and has built-in safety features. The app has Facial ID recognition and biometric fingerprint recognition support that allows the user to conduct safe and secure transactions.

Furthermore, with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) Technology, the feature “Aas Pass” helps customers avail exclusive discounts and offers that the bank offers in the real world around them. What’s more, the information on these discounts is updated in real-time and one can map the best deal just by waving their phone.

The QR Payment Facility makes you go cashless at any retail outlets that support the payment method. Its as easy as taking a picture. Users can also exchange payments with other users by simply bumping the phones together.

It is pertinent to point out that with the help of the app, one can send money from one’s phone to people across the country even if they don’t have a bank account. UBL has the largest network of touch points, over 39,000 such locations that help customers withdraw cash from any of UBL’s Omni agents.

The UBL Digital Banking App is one of the many initiatives that UBL is planning to introduce in the near future to bring about a revolution in the banking landscape of Pakistan. It is another step towards further reinforcement of the Bank’s long-standing brand attributes of being a progressive and innovative institution in Pakistan.

UBL’s mobile app has received a lot of love from its users with over 500,000 downloads and positive reviews. Take a look at some of the app reviews below:

You can download UBL Digital App for Android at the Google Play Store and for iOS at the Apple App Store.

  • I hope more banks start doing this. In this day and age it shouldn’t be necessary to waste our time at banks just for these basic tasks.

  • Does it mean free lancers can also open account , if no paper work is needed?

    • Paperwork will still be required. You submit a request to open an account using the mobile app and provide some basic info like your name, address, etc. Afterwards one of their representatives will visit your home for biometric verification and to get further details to complete the whole process.

  • All mobile banking wallet apps already offering similar features. SIMSIM by Finca is offering them since forever. Nothing new being offered here…

  • Good initiative, it could be improved to totally self managed without bank’s rep. Finger print verification could be performed at fingerprint sensor of the smartphone or at UBL ATM

  • Its a useless service with typical customer service.
    I made a request from app and after the 1st verificaiton call in 24 hours branch that supposed to call me contacted after 3 weeks. Better you go to the nearest branch and opened the account. They don’t have right people and system to entertain such services. Pathetic UBL.

  • close