Nayatel Launches Free World Cup Streaming Service for Everyone

With the World Cup just around the corner, the excitement is rampant in the air.

The stage is set for the men in green to light up the stadiums in England and Wales. With 10 participating teams (Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and West Indies) the competition should be fierce but our squad is ready with its new blood players.

In this regard, Nayatel is ready to broadcast World Cup 2019 via JoyBox, Digital Box and NayaTV.

JoyBox is a home entertainment device that brings you Video on Demand (VOD), 150 + TV channels, TV apps, Games, Social Media, smart sharing, Bluetooth, HDMI CEC and supports 4K content. It’s fast, sleek and simple to use.

Digital Box provides 100+ Digital and HD Channels with Auto + Instant recording, parental control and media player. It gives you control over your TV.

Moreover, this time Nayatel facilitates the excitement of Non-Nayatel customers as well. You can subscribe to NayaTV today, free of cost and watch Cricket World Cup 2019 from anywhere on any network.

So what are you waiting for, subscribe to Nayatel services now and fulfill your excitement of the World Cup 2019 fever.

  • I have tried to signup the service on prescribed procedure but unable to do so. Contacted Nayatel Customer Service and even they cant solve the error that i have told them. So its crap for me as im unable to signup.
    Any friend who have signup and using the service?

    • yes i’m using it and its working great so fat. what error are you getting ? M3U8? if yes then allow all ports in your router and it will start working. (you must clear browser’s cache and History as well)

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