O & A Level Students to Give GCSE Exams During Eid

While most of us will be enjoying sweets after Eid prayers, O and A level students will be busy solving their exam papers this year.

And it’s not just for the first day of Eid, which is most likely to fall on Wednesday, June 5th. Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) has planned to ruin all three days of Eid for the examinees by scheduling exams on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The decision has not gone down well with the students who think fasting, offering Taraweehs, and then preparing for exams is a hassle.

The students also believe that having exams on Eid will affect their concentration during the studies which may affect their grades.

Some of them also feared that they might as well miss the Eid prayer.

We have to be at the examination center by 8:30 am. Of course, we will not be able to offer Eid prayers.

When contacted for his opinion, Director-General of Privately Managed Institutions and Inspection for Sindh, Dr. Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui said:

CIE exams are conducted across the world on the same day, therefore once a date has been set; there is no room for change.

The exam schedule is equally turbulent for the parents as well. They believe that Eid is all about getting together and enjoying the auspicious occasion with fervor. The absence of their children will reduce the fun significantly.

According to the data, around 55,000 students will appear for the exams in Pakistan, and most of them are Muslims.

One of the parents said:

There is no Eid without children’s presence. CIE should have taken the religious festivals into consideration while preparing exams schedule.

  • Islam always stands in the way of Muslims’ progress. Despite this they blame the non-believers instead of acknowledging the faults of their own belief system.

    • Islam or any religion does not create any hurdles or impediment in human progress this may be believe of sick mindset INSHALLAH Muslim students will sacrifice their Eid and will secure highest grades Allah is with them and Allah knows all

    • bro this helps muslims Allah helps them as there results are outstanding

  • This is proof that tha non Muslims are superior to us Muslims, and they don’t want us to become more knowledgeable in studies. This further proves that Cambridge is involved in destroying the Muslim society by causing problems in our traditions.

  • For Muslims the islam comes first then any other thing.we do not use teaching of quran so that’s why we are losing our potential .if imran khan trird to make the state of Medina in pakistan then remove the british culture and O A levels.make new circula in which only islam teachings taught.

    • Yes and teach correct history to our students as well. Teach them abt east india company and cia war crimes against humanity.

      • No they r not , GCE r taken and Edexcel is different , I also am giving my exmas

        • gce r taken no doubt but igcse and gcse are take as well.currently i am giving gcse

  • CAIES occur every year during the months of may and June. BAS Is bar during those dates we have Eid too. Idk why people in the comments are making such a big deal about it. If u didn’t want to give caies during may june then u could have taken them during October and November.

  • Students of Alevels had their business and economics exam on the same day; mind that econ and business is a very common combination for commerce students. Econ exam started at 8.00 am and Business exam, which was 3 hours long, ended at 5.00 pm. Now students who were fasting, had to stay in the center for good 10 hours and even regardless of that, please tell me, how can an individual have a complete focus on two exams they’re going to appear for? Plus, it’s alevels not even olevels, so the stress levels are god damn high. An individual can have a complete focus on a single subject only for exams. Otherwise, it has a huge impact on grades.

    In a nutshell, education should be easy rather than being a burden on students that they get sick, like seriously, physically sick.

    • What are you trying to say? That its difficult for them to fast and give exam? The conditions were very dire in the era of Prophet, specially the place being a desert, and still muslims fasted, and carried on their regular chores.
      As for the eco and bussiness on 1 day, how can you say that its a burden preperation wise? Students get a whole year to prepare not just a few days before an exam

      • Speak for yourself. You don’t know what students go through unless you’re in their position, know about students’ pov and what they share among eachother.

  • Honestly…it’s very dumb to say that this is happening because non Muslims are trying to suppress our religion…CIEs happen every year during may June, so it’s just plain stupidity to relate this problem to the difference of religions…

  • By reading other’s comments I believe that CIAE might have given a three day gap on Eid days. Exams started from the last day of April til 14th June so extending a little would have given relaxation to the students.
    As for Ramadan, students have a chance to get more close to Allah and giving exams in extreme summers while fasting and praying with consistency may bring a positive outcome. But by summing up all this if Pakistan can improve its metric education system to high standards students won’t need to take CIAE.

  • Exams are happening all aorund on the same day, no institution will make amends for it because of one religious festivity. Plus CIEs are a big sham for the education system. It is all about pressure, trying to give stress to students, creating unhealthy competitions, let’s not forget expensive and plus because of these fees parents tend to expect too much from their average child. And lastly, the knowledge that they pass on is not that accurate as well. Let’s take PSt, which is supposed to tell history of not just Pakistan but the subcontinent as a whole, but fails to do so and BC history Muhammad Qasim se shuru hoti hai as if is se pehle the land had no history, no culture. Archeologists ne beth kar jhak nahi mara idhar discoveries karnay mien.

  • This is the type of media which spreads false lies just to create scenarios to inflict damage on the viewpoints of races and religions.
    If the author had done even the slightest of research he would have know that there is no exam scheduled for 5th June, 1st day of Eid.

  • The author should have done some research before he had written this article. There is no paper on 5th June (1st day of Eid). Neither in morning nor in afternoon. There are some minor paper on 6th June which are only given by some students.
    There is only one major paper on 7th June(3rd day of Eid) which will last for only 1 hour. So no one will be missing his Eid Prayer nor the celebration. People should investigate before they write something

  • Some of these comments are absolutely absurd. The exam boards have always made students take exams during the month of May and June. It just so happens that Ramadan falls into this time period to, and will do for the next couple of years. How can you blame this on the Exam Boards and claim this is them trying to suppress Muslim students?! Also we are not in a Islamic country, the government/exam boards have absolutely no reason to cater to us, we ourselves don’t know when Eid will be in the next year, so what makes you think they will? For the students taking the exam, as am myself, will be rewarded for our hardship by Allah SWT and inshallah will get the best grades. Most A-Level and O-Level Exams last 2-3 hours max, thus unless you have 3 exams on that day (highly unlikely especially for A-Levels) then you will be outside free by 3-4 pm.

    • Obviously there can’t be three exams in any board of Cambridge sincr there are slots followed. AM and PM. Talk sense please. And the 3 hour exam let you get free at 5 and you leave the hall by 5.30-40

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