PM Imran Khan Urges Public to Make Use of the Last Amnesty Scheme

Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a televised message to the nation on Monday morning, urged the people to take full advantage of the last amnesty scheme by the government before the deadline ends on June 30.

On Monday, in a special message, the premier said that he urges the countrymen to pay taxes as it is their national duty and reminded them to benefit from the ‘last’ Asset Declaration scheme ever.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan is an unlucky country.

In order for Pakistan to progress, it is essential that the people pay taxes.

Khan added: “We have to change ourselves to bring prosperity in the country,” adding that “God helps those who help themselves”.

The Prime Minister reminded the people that they had until June 30 to declare and whiten their foreign assets and benami accounts.

The prime minister further said that their government has all the information about benami accounts and assets. He added that the government has signed agreements with different countries on the matter.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a meeting regarding upcoming fiscal budget 2019-20, considering proposals for the budget.

  • What a narrow minded person, he think’s amnesty scheme can save his Govt?
    How many people he think can fill the list? and how much he can secure from them?
    Damn! he didn’t do anything new, just following the same damn procedures like earlier Govt’s.
    He is now crowded with Hafiz Shaikh kind of people, who will make him another Zardari.

    • And I am guessing from your english that you are broadminded! Every one is a economics expert here.

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