CM Buzdar Announces Online Property Ownership Facility in Punjab

Punjab government has decided to issue the land ownership deeds through commercial banks to eliminate the monopoly of revenue officials.

Chief Minister of Punjab chaired a high-level meeting to discuss the modalities of the new system. He was apprised that separate counters will be established at the commercial banks for issuance of ownership deeds.

The meeting decided to introduce an online system for issuance of ownership deeds from July 1. The chief minister observed that the immediate disposal of public complaints about revenue matters is important.

“Any delay in public welfare projects is painful. I cannot sit silent over the pain and misery of people,” he said. CM Buzdar also said that public complaints regarding the corruption of revenue staff will not be tolerated at all. He directed to activate helpline/call centers to prevent corruption in the revenue department.

He suggested introducing a system of depositing fees at land record centers along with expanding the scope of land record centers. These land record centers will be set up at government buildings on a permanent basis, he added.

Buzdar underlined that enforcement of the land utilization policy should be enforced after approval. He also directed to complete the settlement process as soon as possible in the Dera Ghazi Khan Division.

  • May Allah Bless CM Buzdar for the relief measures announced, his deep concern for those shelter/homeless people who’s legitimate right is jeopardised.
    Being a victim in Karachi under Land Record Management from the World Bank Group, which has not been adopted in Karachi, and other measures which cultivates corruption. I heard the Land Record Management office is opened 24 hours in Lahore. Is it possible the owner of land for home, shelter, or land for transport of KCR (Karachi Circular Railway) which is financed by Japan International Co-operation Agency JICA is still suffering for Public Transport in the absence of policy decisions for establishment/activation of RTA (Road Transport Authority) where there are few buses otherwise Mazda coach hybrid Diesel/CNG model 1977 with first stair is 3.5′ feet from the ground to the bus to embark. Still the main transport in Karachi city. Where there are thousands of motor bikes sold every day for poor residents to reach home to job. Best wishes

    • جناب ہارون الرشید صاحب، دور کے ڈھول سہانے ، کوٹ ادو میں میری جائیداد میرے نام پر بھی ہے ، کمپیوٹر ریکارڈ بھی میرے پاس ہے لیکن زمین کہاں ہے یہ پتہ نہیں ، تیس سال سارے مقدمات جیتنے کے بعد بھی زمین ندارد، سب گھپلاہے ، عوام کو سب بے وقوفی بناتے ہیں ، یہ سب صرف پیسے کے پجاری ہیں ، کبھی تونسہ تشریف لے جائیں چیف منسٹر صاحب کے بھائیوں کے حالات سے اندازہ ہوجائے گا کہ کرپشن سے کیسے لڑائ جاری ہے ۔

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