Electric Cars Can Help Pakistan Save Rs. 109 Billion Every Year

According to the draft Electric Vehicle Policy (EVP), opting for electric vehicles can save Pakistan an estimated Rs. 109.6 billion every year.

The policy draft has been prepared by the Climate Change Ministry on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to the draft, using electric vehicles will bring a lot of benefits to the country’s economy.

One of the significant benefits of electric vehicles is that they are fuel-efficient. Saving on fuel will drastically reduce the fuel import bill and will help strengthen the balance of payments.


Govt Unveils Draft Policy to Bring Electric Cars to Mainstream in Pakistan

The saving on fuel, as a result of using electric vehicles, is estimated at Rs. 54.5 billion per year. The draft policy aims to increase the number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) sold in Pakistan to over 90 percent by 2040.

The electric vehicle policy prepared by the Ministry of Climate Change has set multiple targets including the sale of 100,000 electric cars, vans, jeeps and small trucks in the next five years. The ministry aims to increase the number to 60,000 electric vehicles sold annually by 2030.

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  • yes, but how much will they cost? ev cars are expensive to purchase. Plus infrastructure is required – i.e charging stations etc

    • That’s changing fast because battery prices are coming down. Battery makes electric cars expensive than their gasoline cousins.

      As for charging stations, I say that this won’t be as difficult as setting up 100% new CNG stations all over the country. Why? Because all of the CNG stations can have charging stations. They are have invested in buying the plots and setting up the stations. This time only charging station need to be added.

      If we could manage to install CNG station in few years where there were none in the past I am pretty confident we can install charging station in those CNG stations. I will be economically good for the CNG stations because electric car market is going to grow fast for the foreseeable future but CNG cars are not going to make money for CNG stations. There aren’t many left.

  • Fuel efficient? If you’re saying that Electricity is fuel then your statement is okay. But if it’s for “petrol” then please know that Electric cars do NOT need even a drop of petrol to work.

    Also, there is a misconception in Pakistan perpetrated by some that Electric Cars only have the battery as the main difference when compared to gasoline cars. This is NOT true. Please search the internet for comparison. There is huge difference. There is no engine, no radiator, engine oil need etc etc.

    Zero Rate Electric Cars and let them flourish. Zero rate Solar systems and let everyone have some installed capacity of solar panels (petrol and CNG stations can also start installing some charging stations). The big three will offcourse do their best to NOT have this because all three of them do not have any all electric models.

    Many of the ills of modern world can be finished with this combination: Solar + ALL Electric Transport.

    • Honda has an ev which is launching at the end of the year called Honda e prototype go search top gear has a video on YouTube about the car. Toyota and Suzuki doesn’t have EVs but KIA has an EV . The main thing is good EVs are expensive. EVs needs coolent to keep their batteries temperature low. And these cars are more complex for our mechanics.

  • That will good for pakistan if government encourage ev cars cause pakistan government has to pay a lot to buy raw fuel in foreign exchage(that another story to buy from KSA in Loans) plus it will make environment better.
    Nissan Leaf (most selling EV car worldwide up do date) will the good option cause friend of mine told after banned of foreign cars it will cost me around 2 millon cause he can get one car for me since he is Japanese National.
    But my one question electric rates in pakistan are one the expensive in the world will it still be cheaper ?????

  • I was just wondering if the existing IC engines could be dumped and the existing cars could be converted to EVs. How expensive would the proposition be using Chinese components. The prices of EVs manufactured by big companies is still forbidding even be western standards.

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