Govt Unveils Draft Policy to Bring Electric Cars to Mainstream in Pakistan

Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, has said that emissions from vehicles remain one of the largest contributors to air pollution and the government is moving towards the direction of materializing its policy on electric vehicles to tackle the issue. Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the initial concept of the proposal and policy consultation with the key stakeholders is in the process, which will be presented to the cabinet in a couple of weeks, he added.

The ministry’s draft concept for Pakistan’s electric auto sector aims to increase the number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) sold in Pakistan to over 90% by 2040.

The electric vehicle policy prepared by the Ministry of Climate Change has set multiple targets including the sale of 100,000 electric cars, vans, jeeps and small trucks in the next five years. The ministry aims to increase the number to 60,000 electric vehicles sold annually by 2030.

According to the long term targets set in the policy, production targets for vehicles in the two, three and four wheeler category have been set at 500,000 units with companies given access to the market within the next five years. By 2030, the target has been set at 900,000 units and by 2040, the target is 90% of sold vehicles.

Aslam said electric vehicles will solve many of the issues including air pollution, reduce fuel import bill and save about two-thirds cost of transportation.

According to the policy, by switching to electric vehicles, the country will save over PKR 110 billion annually.

  • Thanks for the review/consider the EV’s sector for tariff on import/local assembly. A very important point to consider by the Honorable Minister is to encourage local enterprise for development of Power Banks duly interfaced with the Solar Power Generation to store and consume electricity during day time. A Saudi Arabian grant given in Balochistan DISCOS is worth mentioning to possibly collaborate with yourselves to establish Solar Charging Stations/Power Banks in Quetta. Honorable Minister we need a very strong relationship with China for collaborating the EV sector, whether it be Power Bank, at the charging stations of EV’s, The entire Public transport, as buses, Vans, Coaches, rickshaws, motor cycle, ChingQue, all should be operated on solar renewable agency. Kind regards/blessings May Allah strengthens you to help the weak, the poor, the seniors, the sick.


  • There should be zero percent 0% duty on good quality environment friendly solar panels and environment friendly lithium ion batteries.

  • Ironically, our government is discussing EV Policy with local car makers!!! Monkey business

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