Hafeez Refuses Grouping Allegations, Holds Entire Team Responsible for Poor Performances

The Pakistani veteran all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez has claimed that all the rumors surrounding the grouping in the team are baseless and every player is under severe pressure due to the criticism including himself.

Why don’t journalists make such allegations when the team is winning? The cries of grouping and lobbying only come to light when we lose? If a team loses then does that mean there’s definite lobbying? That’s ridiculous.

Speaking to reporters at Lord’s following Pakistan’s practice session that singling out players is not the way forward and players should reflect on how they have failed as a collective unit.

We failed collectively as a team, we couldn’t produce a team world and individual brilliance didn’t help us. In cricket these days you need team performance and input from everyone. We cannot blame a single player for failing to perform.

However, Hafeez remained hopeful that Pakistan can deliver good performances and they can still qualify but will require a lot of luck for that to happen.

All is not finished for us, we are focused on our next game and we are eager to win that match. We got ample time after the India game to regroup for a new beginning. Our qualification to semis still hangs in balance and if results go our way, we might be able to qualify.

He further added that personal attacks are never appreciated as cricketers are also humans.

Commenting on cricket is another thing but to drag players family’s and attack them is not a good thing.

  • Hafeez is the worst player in Pak team ever and he kept on playing politics. Instead of putting the blame on whole team why dont you take the burden of your own failure?

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