FBR Withdraws Duty-Free Phone Import Facility Under Baggage Scheme

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to withdraw the baggage facility available to the incoming international passengers allowing to import one duty and tax-free mobile starting July 1, 2019.

A member of Inland Revenue Policy, Hamid Atiq Sarver, informed Senate Standing Committee on Finance that 80% of the phones being sold in the market are those which are imported in violation of the baggage rules.

These phones are imported due to the abuse of the baggage scheme. Considering the massive misuse, the FBR has decided to terminate the facility.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Senator, Ghous Mohammad Khan Niazi, proposed that the advance tax being collected from the subscribers of mobile phones should be withdrawn, terming it an injustice to the common man.

The Senator proposed that abolition of 3% tax on the import of mobile phone should be reviewed as it is a good step for the generation of revenue and does not directly affect the lower income group.

The FBR has merged duties and taxes on the import of mobile phones and proposed fixed slabs of taxes under the Finance Bill 2019 for different categories of mobile phones, added Hamid Atiq.

  • I have a very cool idea, Govt should implement a new system, every smart phone users should pay monthly mobile usages fee, i e 1000 monthly, and the system should be automatic, if you not pay, u ll not be able to use mobile, and once u start paying it should work,
    Gove can choose categories
    ie, expensive smart phone more monthly charges
    Less expensive phone less monthly charges

      • Such comments will not work, give your ideas if you have any, otherwise just read others..

      • Issa comments say app kaa aur app ke baroo ka pata chal rahe hay, kay kis tehzeeb ke wo malik hay, aur app ko kaia sekaya hay

        • Us k baron ne kuch to sikha dia. Tumhare baron ne aisa kia sikhaya tha tumhe jo aj itni bewakoofi wali batain kr rahay ho. Tumharay baron ka b bauhat pata chal raha hai tumhari tooti phooti angrezi aur na aqal baaton se.

      • Leene wale lenge bai, 1 ya 2 lak jo phone ke leye de sakte hay, 50 hazar tax be denge

      • Kitni jalti hai tumhari iphone x lene walon se. Koi le raha hai to tumhara kia ja raha hai? Tere paisay se le raha hai kia?

    • I have an even cooler idea. Govt should tax you 10000 a day just for existing and using precious oxygen that could otherwise have been used by good human beings.

    • Bhai jaan apka idea sar ankhon par lekin government ko awaam ka khun chusnay ki bajaye khud tax dena chahiye.

      • You have posted the most idiotic suggestion in the history of electronic suggestions. If brains were TNT yours wouldn’t be enough to damage an ant house.

        • We can expect such comments from a looser , and from mindless people like you, this will implement and u have to pay monthly, now just start cry…..

  • The passenger’s detailed is being stolen from immigration desk especially the people return from umrah.
    The stupid policy makers should have made it biometric.
    They should verify all recent registered phone set through biometric .

  • No one is focusing on the real problem in our country. Focus on quality education! Young generation is tomorrow’s future aur wohi agar faarigh niklegi to mobile baahar se hi aenge na. Just imagine a transparent, updated, merit-based education system. Within 10 years, Pakistan will be on the radar of developing countries. Sab kuch education hai, woh nhn to hum 100 trillion b kahi se pakad len, lagaenge ch***yapey par. Education khudaara!!!

  • The phones which in use . Should go for tax free . But they should keep an eye on other kits(phones which import illegally) . If more phones active then they will be charged double the amount not just from user also the seller

  • I am extremely disappointed by the whole DIRB System, Bhai yeh sahiban used mobiles ka concept hi ni rakhty, hisaab naye phone ka laga dety hain, ab mainy 10000 par mobile kharida lekin duty tax 12800 ka aya, to ye kahan ka insaf hai….

      • Lag to yahi raha hai, ghareeb ki halat ghareeb sy pucho, ab aik aam aadmi keliye simple mobile as a gift aa jae to wo mobile ki qeemat as a duty tax aada kary…. Ajeeb baat hai!

        • G. Mere aik dost ko iphone 6 plus mila gift me. Us k relatives ne new phone leliya tha to usko purana dediya bahir se a k. Us 2014 k phone par PTA walay 56000 duty maang rahay hain. Yar ye kahan ka insaaf hai? Itnay ka to phone nahi hai vo. Kis bewaqoof aur gaodi insaan ne ye taxes lagaye hain?

  • Instead of stopping misuse of the facility, – and taking people task which can easily be done it’s been taken away.
    My passport has been used and one phone registered on it – and I am pissed. It’s violating data privacy, it’s misuse of passport by FIA.
    I wish to complain and PTA should simply shut that phone down and make the owner pay the duty, and drill deeper by investigating who was involved and hand the ba….d.

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