Huawei is Considering a Russian Mobile OS to Replace Android

Chinese tech giant Huawei is reportedly looking to replace Android with Aurora Mobile OS, which is currently being developed by Moscow-based firm Russian Mobile Platform.

Huawei will begin discussions this summer with officials at Russia’s communications ministry in a bid to determine if it could use Russia’s Aurora operating system.

What is Aurora?

Aurora is based on the Sailfish OS, developed by Finland’s Jolla, and has been developed by the Russian Open Mobile Platform with the backing of Russian oligarch Grigory Berezkin. Aurora supports all standard functions of a mobile OS – management of calls, texts, and emails, access to media galleries, etc.

Huawei’s Motive

It is possible that Huawei is exploring multiple alternative options. These moves are all aimed at mitigating the effect of the US trade ban on the company, which will prevent all US companies from conducting any sort of business with Huawei.

The company has already forecasted a loss of up to $30 billion in sales in the future as a result of the ban. Founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei hinted that Huawei’s overseas cellphone sales will drop by 40%.

The challenge for the company remains to sell its alternative OS to consumers outside of China and Russia. Weaning Europe, in particular, away from the tried and tested Android world is going to be a tough challenge, to say the least.