FBR to Bring Unregistered Doctors into Tax Net

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to bring unregistered doctors into the tax net in a bid to widen the tax base of the country.

The board has written a letter to the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), seeking details of its members within 10 days. The board has also mentioned that it’s mandatory for all the doctors registered with the PMDC to file their tax returns.


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According to the FBR, most of the council’s members have not filed their tax returns.

The board has been working to point out the non-filers and making efforts to bring them into the tax net. It has been asked by Prime Minister Imran Khan to adopt a reformed system for tax collection.

The premier has said time and time again that tax defaulters are the enemies of the nation and should be exposed.

Via: ARY

  • Great step! Doctor’s should pay the full taxes they owe to the nation, just like everyone else.

    Many doctors charge thousands but apparently, according to this article, they don’t pay or file their taxes. Shameful!

  • On an average a doctor earns more than 500K a month and close to 1500K a month as a senior doctor from their local practise.

  • Bring everyone in tax net . The government can only collect taxes from salaried individuals. But the businessmen are free and being cushioned. The big fishes take loans and never return.
    As a whole the system is failing.
    At last govt employee will work fe sabilillah .pay will go in taxes.
    Being a trainee. There is still deduction from our fixed stipend on the name of taxes
    Trainee doctor

  • I doubt its implementation by PMDC though it is a good move.
    Jewelers similarly must also be brought inside tax net as FATF recommends. They should be bound to sell/purchase via cheques or Debit/Credit cards.
    5000 currency note should also be stopped printing just like 40k prize bonds. It will encourage people to use banking channels for all sorts of transactions.

  • Good move. Pl also bring into the tax net marriage halls, beauty parlours, Bridal dress designer and tailors, and lawyers.

  • I hope this doesn’t mean they(doctors) will increase their fees. Govt. must control that as well.

    Also, electricians, plumbers, barbers, miscellaneous technicians should be ordered to get proper license from the govt. as well.

  • I know Doctor who almost make 20,000 in day in Rawalpindi
    I don’t why gov doesn’t ask them anything and just putting burden on all of us

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