Petrol Price Expected to Increase by Rs. 5 in July

If the rising dollar prices weren’t enough, the government has decided to increase fuel prices as well.

We might be looking at an Rs. 5 per liter increase for July 2019.

Sources say that rising crude oil prices and the sky-high dollar prices are to blame for this increase.


OGRA Recommends Rs. 7.5 Per Liter Increase in Petrol Price

Do take it with a grain of salt as there has been no official announcement from the government. It is possible that the government might decide against increasing oil prices to give relief to the general public.

The government is expected to announce the new oil prices on June 30, 2019.

Currently, the price of petrol stands at Rs. 112.68 per liter, high-speed diesel Rs. 126.82 per liter, Kerosene oil Rs. 98.46 per liter, and light-speed diesel at Rs. 88.62 per liter.

Via: PakWheels

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  • you posted an old one. ALSO READ
    OGRA Recommends Rs. 7.5 Per Liter Increase in Petrol Price
    (Posted 1 year ago by Aitzaz Hassan)

  • Imran khan se acha to nwaz sharif tha petrol to 75 rupe se upar nai gya ta har cheez pe tax laga kar ghareeb ko maar raha ha dollar bara kar ameer ko or ameer bana raha ha

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