Utility Stores Increase Prices for 50 Commonly Used Items

Prices of over 50 items, including sugar, shampoo, and soap have been increased in utility stores across the country.

Sugar prices have increased by Rs. 3 per kg, taking the current price of Rs. 69 to Rs. 72/kg.

Utility stores are supposed to provide everyday items on subsidized prices to ease the burden on the masses. However, this price hike will leave the public with no choice.

According to media reports, the prices of over 50 brands of shampoo, soaps, and creams have been raised by Rs. 20 at stores across the country.


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An Rs. 10 hike was observed on the price of a face cream’s 50ml jar. The revised price has gone up to Rs. 227.

Similarly, the prices of various soaps have been jacked up by Rs. 2 each bar.

Moreover, people will now have to pay 20 rupees more on every 400 ml shampoo bottle. The new price would be Rs. 394, said the report. Likewise, the rates of a 200ml shampoo bottle have been increased by Rs. 10.


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The new rates will be effective from July 1st, the report added.

It should be mentioned here that the Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan is a state-owned enterprise operating chain stores across the country. The core purpose of utility stores is to provide people with essential household products at lower prices.

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