Sindh Announces 50 Percent Discount on Bus Fares for Students

Sindh government has announced a 50% discount for bus fares for students. The announcement was made by the provincial Minister for Transport & Mass Transit, Syed Awais Qadir on Friday.

While talking to media in Karachi, the minister said that he had directed the transporters to discount fares for students for their traveling. He warned the transporters that non-compliance might cost them their route permits.


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Initially, the facility is being provided to the students of five districts, including Thar, Badin, and Umerkot.

Students of these areas can avail the facility by showing their student IDs, issued from the respective educational institutes, to the conductors, he added.

Earlier on June 22, Qadir had demanded the federal government to withdraw the increase in railway fares.


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“The decision to hike railways must be taken back as it would hurt the masses badly,” the minister said.

His statement came a day after federal minister for Railways, Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed, had announced a 6 percent increase in railway fares.

Qadir had blamed Shaikh Rasheed for ‘‘deliberately destroying the railway system.”

  • the same thing happened in bhutto’s era,the exact same,and it was a total disaster because the bus conductors refused to give students discounts which resulted in strikes,clashes and disputes.
    so any idea how this can be successful?

    • None. Sindh govt is corrupt to the core and is only doing this to score points with the media attention.

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