Pakistan Ranks at the Top in Child Pornography: Minister

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Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, has said that unfortunately, Pakistan is ranked at the top in child pornography. She has called for the initiation of a dialogue on child abuse.

She made these comments while speaking at the launch ceremony of the Child Protection Campaign in Islamabad. Mazari stressed, “The menace of child pornography is in every stratum of our society.”

The minister underlined that occurrences of child abuse are rising and Pakistan comes first in terms of child pornography. It is shameful that ‘we call ourselves Muslims’, she resented.

Mazari said that there should be a campaign in government schools and the society needs to get out of their comfort zones to hold a dialogue on child abuse. “In order to put an end to incidents of sexual abuse of children, we need to launch collective efforts,” she said.


Over 10 Pakistani Children Abused Every Day in 2018: Report

The minister told that despite the increasing incidents of child abuse, there is no conversation with children about the matter.

“We don’t even talk to children about child abuse, at any level or schools or households. Development is meaningless if children are not safe from abuse,” she stressed.

She further added, “We will analyze all complaints of child abuse that come our way” at the human rights ministry. The minister resented that the Zainab Alert, Response and Recovery Act, 2019, is stuck in the National Assembly’s Standing Committee for Human Rights.

“Hope the bill returns to the Assembly soon. If there’s law, punishments can be awarded”, she said.

  • We need to strict the rules and kick out the corrupt police officers and upgrade the police system.
    isn’t that Imran khan Agenda before election? or he took another u-turn for it?

    • What PTA Does ?
      Still PronSites Are Working & Openly Easily in Pakistan ?
      Still VPN Services are Working Properly
      PTA Sub Janti Hai Log Kaise Aur Kun Si Sites Se Open Karte hai ?

      Phir Bhi Pabandi Q Nahi Hai ? Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q QQ

      Ya PTA Public Se Q Nahi Phochta Pabandi Kin Site Pe Lagani hai

      • Sites block karnay se kuch nahi hoga. Jo log ye kaam kar rahay hain vo sites ki waja se nahi kar rahay. Vo ye videos sites block honay k baad b banatay rahenge aur vpn use kar k upload karenge. Jo log ye kaam kar rahay hain unko pakarna ziada zaroori hai na k sites block karna.

  • Pakistan also very good at Bacha Bazi and child rape/murder (Zanaib, Frashita and countless others). Seems like the nation is not just financially corrupt, the morals are in the shambles too.

    If only Allah (being all powerful) helped those kids before they were raped and murdered, but seems like God has other priorities.

  • People are sexually frustrated and you have tight social and legal limitations. You will have to understand the nature of problem!

  • Actually America and India are on the top for child pornography not Pakistan. Pakistan doesn’t have as many netizens as India, America, Chine and Russia. Now as long as making videos and uploading thm is concerned that happens all around the world and there are special gangs who does all this and politicans are involved all around the world. One individual alone can’t do this, whole nexus are involved in this kind of stuff.

  • liberal pattu co-ck-roaches also involved in child pornograpghy, liberals are to blame, they are the root of all evil.

  • A good initiative, but a nonsensical statement. Good deeds should not be rooted in lies and exaggeration. Pakistan is not at the ‘top in child pornography’, whether it’s production or viewership.

    Statistics for people looking at child pornography by country are not available anywhere, hence it’s not possible to rank Pakistan at all, whether it’s the top or the bottom.

    As far as production is concerned, where even regular porn is scarcely produced in Pakistan, the production of child pornography is extremely rare.

  • I request PTA to block VPNs, and take strict action who does these heinous crimes.

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