600+ Traffic Wardens Attacked in Lahore During The Helmet Campaign

616 traffic wardens were bullied or assaulted by the public during the motorcycle helmet campaign in Punjab.

Chief Traffic Officer retired Capt Liaqat Ali Malik revealed this while addressing a traffic awareness seminar on Thursday.

During the helmet campaign, hundreds of our wardens fell prey of public resistance. Some 616 wardens reported an assault in the last nine months or so.


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Captain Liaquat said it was a matter of concern that the public, instead of supporting a healthy initiative and cooperating with the traffic police, turned to violence against wardens on duty.

Despite the resistance, the helmet drive in the province will continue. As per the numbers issued last month, almost 800,000 people so far have received tickets for not having a motorcycle helmet in Lahore alone.

Each rider was charged Rs. 200 fine on each violation.

On a separate occasion, the CTO Punjab had said that the department wanted to increase the amount on tickets but opted otherwise to avoid unnecessary criticism.


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“Initially, we had planned a reasonable increase in the fines so that the violators could be punished aggressively. But we decided to implement the existing laws to avoid unnecessary criticism.”

He added that the Rs. 200 fine was not a massive burden on the citizens’ pocket but has had a significant impact on the success of the campaign.

  • In Karachi : More than 5 Traffic Officer (With Challan Paper) are available within 2 to 3 KM Area : (Heavy Road & Busy Area)

  • well well well… who will raise the voice for the masses with whom they behave badly on daily basis. just go out on the road and watch and do not ask public rather experience it yourself, you will find their attitude worse than the worst. this is not that traffic police which was once raised who treated people like a gentleman and yes people did like them and behave very well with them. this lot, they do not know how to talk, they misbehave, show their class. is there any rules and regulations for them if yes then who will implement them, who will tell the masses their rights if they are treated like animals and how they can register a complaint against these wardens. i don’t think there is any such thing which is called public rights on the roads. shame on the them.

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    • aisa bhi nahi hai, magar no doubt bauhat badqismat awam hai bhai yeh ……. naye naye naaro per dhoke khati hai bechari ….. pehle naya pakistan, phir tabdeeli aur madinah ki riyasat to had kardi ……..
      nawaz ghaddar aur daku zardari ke baad pakistan ke paas yahi option tha ….. deeni jamaat jui ke jo sadar hein, un ke baray mein kuch na he kahoon to acha hai …….
      badtareen hukumraan honge, sahi kaha tha mere Nabi S.A.W ne ………

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