8 Flights Canceled at Islamabad International Airport Due to Heavy Rain

A total of eight international and domestic flights at Islamabad International Airport (IIA) had to be suspended because of bad weather conditions on Monday.

According to the sources, at least four flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) were canceled at the said airport amid heavy rain. The national airline’s Lahore-Islamabad flights PK-653 and PK-654 were suspended because of downpour in the capital. Two other domestic flights PK-204 and PK-2015 were also canceled for the same reason.


Roof of Islamabad International Airport Starts Leaking Again

Four international flights including PK-852, PK-742, PK-742, TG-349, and TG-305 were canceled because of heavy rain.

Earlier on April 14, PIA’s flights at Islamabad International Airport were disrupted because of bad weather conditions. The airline’s spokesperson said that at least 11 flights, both domestic and international, had been canceled.

Three flights for Gilgit PK-605, PK-606, and PK-607 were canceled along with those bound for Zhob, i.e., PK-689 and PK-90.

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