FBR Sets Target to Bring 100,000 People Into the Tax Net Every Month

In a bid to broaden the tax circle, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has set up a target to bring as many as 100,000 people to the tax net every month.

A local newspaper has cited FBR officials saying that the department will primarily focus on people taking recurring foreign tours, buying expensive phones, cars or properties.

Such people will be closely monitored, and if their tax details do not match their lifestyles, they will be asked about it.


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“So far, FBR has received data of around 30 million people,” an official was quoted saying. He added that the revenue watchdog was going to collect data of frequent foreign travelers from FIA and will estimate their income based on it.

Similarly, the department is in close contact with PTA as well. The data of the buyers of expensive phones and gadgets will be received from there.

“We receive the data of vehicle buyers from the Excise department.”


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An official revealed that the FBR is going to tighten the noose on restaurants and food centers. The details of their daily sales will be collected through software and non-taxpayer, or under-taxpayers will be brought to the net.

He said the revenue board was also considering options to ban foreign travels for non-filers.

Via: Express