HEC to Launch Two-Year Degrees to Maximize Employability

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is going to start a two-year Associate Degree Program from 2020.

Executive Director HEC Lt Gen (retd) Muhammad Asghar made this revelation while speaking with the state-owned news agency APP.

He said that the program will be initiated by next year in some institutions and will be expanded to other universities gradually.


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Lt Gen (retd) Asghar said that the program wants to provide maximum employment opportunities for the students by inculcating the knowledge and skills in them as required by most organizations.

The HEC director highlighted that the Associate Degree Program will be initiated for institutions that are currently not offering four year BS Programs.


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The two-year degree program will focus on skill-building for the students, he said, adding that it would also ensure the employability of students after degree completion.

Via: APP

  • 4 yr degrees not gauranteeing a job, what makes these dept heads think 2 yr degrees can? Confused policy makers of a confused nation.

  • If government have no opportunity for 4years graduated than why they started this program

  • Well …
    These retiered army persons are detroying every institution of the country …
    No consultation with educationsts …nor sceintists and this superstupit man has decided to give his orders to rule the institution …
    He must be asked…

    This is not your job get out and play golf

  • I think this degree would have 80% or more only skills related subjects not other faltu subjects. Sounds good…

  • Some people says that get education and got a good job(for more money). This type of thinking is good or wrong i do not say about this but i think that education is getting for a good humanity and actually this is the first step for getting education……….Thanks Lt Gen for a good step……

  • We got nothing with 4 years BS program so how can we get job through this 2 year degree program…. Its just to grab our more money. If the HEC guarentee for a relevant job and gives an undertaking and comittment then we all must apply for this 2 year degree.

  • A lot of doctors are seeking for job dear and they are working in private setups plz use ur power and make them govt employees for the better and healthy Pakistan. Thanks

  • HEC is going to waste our taxes, loans and future on these useless degrees.further it will also through the students in dark.

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