IBM is Working on a Crazy Smartwatch That Turns into a Tablet

As we reach a point where every major phone has similar hardware, with only incremental improvements, companies have started experimenting with outlandish and out of the box ideas.

From folding phones to punch-hole cameras and even shark-fin pop-up cameras, nearly everyone is trying out something new this year.

IBM has done something similar, filing a patent for a smartwatch that folds out into a full-sized tablet.


With Samsung’s situation showing how difficult it is to make a folding smartphone and Huawei being mum on the launch details of the Mate X, a folding smartwatch seems anything but practical. Anyway, let’s see what IBM is cooking up.

Alleged Design

The patent titled, “Variable display size for an electronic display device” describes a wearable tablet/smartphone that has eight displays stacked on top of each other like a deck of cards.

In the patent diagram, the folded display has no bezels and seven other displays are stored below it in compartments. The watch’s assembly is not entirely explained in the patent, but the patent claims that users will be able to open it up in stages, with two display panels or four, depending on their need.

Each panel will measure 3 x 2 inches making its maximum size huge at 12 x 8 inches. In its unfolded form, the smartwatch will be no less than a tablet.

LetsGoDigital has turned the patent diagram into creative renders:

Considering our current technological level, pulling this off will be no less than magic.

If we go to IBM’s website, it states that the company has been leading in terms of patent registrations, with 9100 filled patents in the US in 2018 alone. Hence, it is highly unlikely that the concept will actually become a reality.

  • These are called concept designs. It doesn’t mean they are necessarily actively working on anything like this.

    The level of tech journalism in our country is sadly very low.

    • Do you know something about patents? If a company patents anything this means that they have done research and some work on it, kindly think before you speak about the country

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