KP Govt Establishes Health Unit at Babusar Top for Tourists

To cater to the basic health needs of a large number of tourists, a basic health unit is being installed at Babusar top in Naran valley following orders from the Provincial Minister for Health, Hisham Inamullah Khan.

The huge influx of visitors in the summers creates a number of challenges and the facility of a basic health unit would offer emergency and basic health services.

Similarly, the basic health unit in Naran will be upgraded to a rural health center on the directives of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department.

Health department’s Director-General, Dr. Arshad Khan, visited Naran valley on Thursday to assess the situation of health facilities in the region. Talking to the reporters, he added:

Though the existing basic health unit in Naran is sufficient to cater to health care services for locals, we are upgrading it to RHC to deal with a heavy influx of tourists in summer season in the valley.

He further said that the construction work would begin on Babusar top and the facility would remain open throughout the summer season.

We are going to begin work on the construction of basic health unit at Babusar top and this health facility would remain operational in summer to cater health care and emergency services.

The steps are being taken to promote tourism and to avoid any unwanted circumstances regarding the tourists’ health.

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