82% of Taxable Sindh Government Officers are Non-filers

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has identified 76,000 senior officials of the Sindh government who do not file their income tax returns.

A board official, citing data obtained from the Accountant General’s office, highlighted that these non-filer officials are serving in grade 18 to grade 20 posts in Sindh.

Commissioner Inland Revenue Atif Ali wrote to the Sindh Chief Secretary on Sunday, drawing his attention towards the non-filing officials.


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He noted that around 93,000 employees of Sindh government fall into the taxable income category, but only 17,000 of them have filed their tax returns.

The commissioner informed the provincial chief secretary that nearly 76,000 officials were violating Section 114 of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

Most of the officers, including those on the higher grades, remained complacent that because their salaries had been deducted at the source, they did not need to file their returns.

He asked the chief secretary to clarify the prevailing misconception among the officers and direct them to file their taxes as it’s a legal obligation.


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Govt’s Efforts in Curbing Tax Evasion

The incumbent government is going in hard at non-filers and tax-evaders. The out-of-the-box appointment of Shabbar Zaidi as chairman FBR and the recent shake-up of officials – the biggest in history – are clear examples.

The government wants to eliminate all loopholes which allowed tax evaders to get away with it. This has prompted traders to protests against the government because they are now being forced to register their businesses and file their returns.

With rising inflation and taxes on the masses, this may hurt the PTI government on the political front. It remains to be seen how far they go to broaden the tax net.

Via: Dawn

  • but 100% of them do pay their *Salary* taxes, since it’s automatically deducted. We need to understand that non-filer doesn’t mean his salary is not taxed.

  • Simple Way Hai ”
    Firstly All Government Employee Ko Filer Karo : Warna SALARY Hold Karo
    Secondly All Private Sector Ki Employee Ko Filer Karo : Warna Sales Tax / Income Tax Refund Rok Do Ya Extra Tax ADD Karo Ta K Tax Se Bachne K Liye Apne Employee ko Filer Kare :
    50% Awam Taxable Ho Jayi Baki Ko Forces Kiya Jaye Simple

  • Being tax payer is different from being filer. Every citizen of Pakistan is paying tax but 80% do not file return at the e d of fiscal year showing to government that through out the last year my income was this….. And tax lavied on me are that…… If income is not taxable then the tax paid must be returned to citizen and that is only possible if the citizen file annual tax return.

  • Business class is important to file returns than salaried class. Employed people pay their due tax at source. They can;t evade tax, Businessmen can.

    Also, Tax refund system is deliberately made almost non-functional by this Govt. Billions of rupees refund has not been paid deliberately since last one year to tax payers.

    What benefit tax filers get when they are not getting any due benefits and they don’t know where the paid tax money is being spent?

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