Transport Mafia Illegally Increases Fares in Karachi By Up to 100%

Commuters in Karachi now have to pay high fares whether they are using app-based ride-hailing services or the poor public transport.

For the second time in a year (from July 2018 to July 2019), the transporters in Karachi have increased bus fares by 50% to 100% without any notification from the government.

Following the increase in prices of high speed diesel (HSD) and CNG, the operators of Shama Coach, F-11, Daata Coach, W-11, 17-J, S-2, W-21 and various other buses and coaches are now charging an extra Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 per commuter and that too on the basis of fake fare lists containing numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. In coaches, according to the new fare structure, the maximum fare is Rs. 50 for every passenger as against the earlier fare of Rs 30, while mini-buses are charging Rs. 45 as the maximum fare that was Rs. 30 before the recent hike.

Similarly, the minimum stop-to-stop fare is set Rs. 25 which was Rs. 15 before. When passengers, including women, children and the elderly, ask the bus conductors to show the new government notification or decline paying the extra fare, they are forcibly told to leave the bus.

Cashing in on lawlessness and the absence of the state writ, most mini-buses and coaches are shamelessly exhibiting fake fare lists to fleece bus commuters by charging them an increased fare on most of the routes in the city.

According to passengers, the current PPP-led Sindh government has once again miserably failed to take care of city’s bus commuters who find themselves reeling at the mercy of transport mafia that has gone fearless and has been holding the mega-city at ransom for decades.

  • I don’t understand why the government does not release such fare list on the official website. Like, get there read the true story, shut the spoilers. Period!

    • Released (And Changed By Some Typist Easily)
      Aur Ager List Mill Bhi Jaye then (What Did you Do that)
      Transport Wala Kahega Yahi Rent hai Dena hai Do Warna Utar Jao :
      That is Called Transport Mafia in Karachi :

  • So transport Mafia and Tanker Mafia of Karachi is stronger than ISI and Establishment?

    • arey bhai establishment ko be paisa jata hai. Establishment kia aise in ko business karne dege. Agar Pakistan ke establishment ko ALLAH hidayet de de aur ye log shuder jaye to Pakistan aur is ke awaam ka kitna faida hosakhta hai.

  • lol, what govt. notification?
    Do you really think govt. control anything at all except Tax collection?
    They don’t have any system to control prices/fares/cost.

  • What do you mean by government? Is there any? Sindh government has surpassed all levels of corruption and failure and still going strong… This so called transport “mafia” is none other than political fund providers and accomplices of this damn plague of a government.

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