Govt Mandates Use of Plastic Wrapping in Airports Right After the Anti-Plastic Campaign

The government seems to be countering its anti-polythene initiatives by introducing what many called ‘bizarre’ baggage rules at the country’s airport.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) has issued a notification on July 18th making it mandatory for all the check-in baggage to be wrapped with plastic sheets.

According to the notification, the baggage of all domestic and international passengers will be plastic-wrapped before going to the scanning counters of Airport Security Force (ASF), Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) and Customs.

The notification available with ProPakistani mentioned that price for the wrapping will be charged Rs. 50 per bag and it will be effective immediately.

While the authorities said the initiative was meant for luggage security, experts believe this will only bring a bad name to the country.

“Also this actually reflects poorly on Pakistan. By making this mandatory, you are telling the world we can NOT keep your bags safe while they are at our airports,” Norbet Almeida, Security Manager at Procter & Gambles and a writer at Dawn wrote this on Twitter.

He maintained that by imposing such laws, the airport authorities are validating to the world that Pakistani airports cannot ensure the integrity of their baggage.

He went on to blame this to be the reason why the US does not allow direct flights from Pakistan.

Another Twitter user identified that the government wants to ban the use of plastic in the federal capital but is making it compulsory at the airports.

People demand the government to revise this law, believing that the use of polythene should be curtailed instead of encouraging it with such notifications.

  • To the Government of Pakistan: take CAA to task for going against your goal of plastic-free Pakistan.

  • The company being obliged (Air Ciro) to do this business is owned by Air Vice Marshall Shahid Lateef who is frequently seen on TV’s political talk shows.

  • This is all because of baggage theft at our airports. Pakistan, the land of the pure and the so called hub of Islam, where you cannot find honest people to work at the airports or anywhere for that matter.

    Humein ye harkatain kartay waqt Islam yaad nahi ata? Har extreme action me Islam q yaad ata hai?

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