Punjab Govt Saved Nearly One Trillion in Austerity Drive Last Year

Punjab government has claimed to have saved a whopping one trillion rupees in an austerity drive in its first eleven months in power.

A circular issued from the provincial government mentions the details of savings made by each department from August last year to June 2019.

According to the notice, the Housing Department saved Rs. 4 billion by cutting down on office expenses.


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Department of Education and Health saved Rs. 6 billion each while offices of Economic Affairs, Agriculture, Transport, Energy, Mining and Fuel saved Rs. 37 billion in total.

It mentioned that the province had allocated Rs. 12.25 trillion for annual government expenses. However, by the end of the last fiscal year, Rs. 11.29 trillion had been spent, saving nearly a trillion rupees.


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It is worth mentioning here that soon after assuming office; PM Khan had ordered the federal and provincial governments to adopt austerity measures to cut down on daily office expenses.

According to a report published in February this year, PM Khan himself had saved millions of rupees by not staying in the Prime Minister House.


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Khan said while addressing a meeting at the FBR office:

I have cut the household expenses by 20 percent and saved Rs. 150 million to the national exchequer by living at my residence at Bani Gala instead of Prime Minister House.

  • oh they allocated more money than they needed and then claim to have saved money. clever scam.

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