PM Imran’s Current US Visit Cost Nine Times Less Than Former PM’s Trip

Prime Minister Imran Khan is currently in the US on an official visit after President Donald Trump’s official invitation. While the visit itself is quite a talk of the town, there is another notable aspect around it. It is going to cost $50,000 to the national exchequer.

The cost of this visit is way lower than the usual official visits. The last visit to the US by the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif cost $460,000; over nine times more than the current executive’s visit. This comparison has been made by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs, Naeem ul Haque.

“Whereas the last trip to Washington by the then PM Nawaz Sharif cost the government 460,000 dollars, the current trip by PM Imran Khan is costing only 50,000 dollars. This is part of the austerity drive by the government which aims at cutting down all unnecessary expenditure,” states Haque in a tweet.

In another tweet, he revealed the PM is expected to meet the World Bank’s president, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and a delegation representing Pakistan IT Entrepreneurs in Washington.

This is PM Imran Khan’s first visit to the US since he assumed office last year.

    • If you’re in USA then surely you don’t mind living with people and under the leadership of people who have similar personal issues? right?

    • even if he dose or dose not it is his personal matter. shows your upbringing and mindset

  • Koi Saboot bhi hai kiya? mujhy to aisi koi kami nazr ni aaii, wahi private jet, wahi vvip stay, wahi ministers ki barri fouj……………….to kharcha kam hua kaisy?

    • Yahi tu masla hay. Ankhoo kholo, Qatar airways is not a private jet. Living in Pakistan embassy is not like living in the most expensive hotel’s penthouse. Not taking all your extended family is another fact which you neglected easily

  • پاکستان ایمبیسی نے پرائیوٹ پروٹوکول ساڑے چار لاکھ ڈالر میں ہائر کیا ہے صرف تین دن کے لیے

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