Samsung Galaxy Fold Returns in September for Select Markets

Earlier this year, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was made available for pre-order, but the launch was postponed for an indefinite amount of time due to a number of issues with the display.

Samsung has now announced that the Galaxy Fold will return in September in select markets across the world.

The company has issued a statement confirming that all the issues have been fixed.

At first, Samsung was reported to have been developing localized versions of Galaxy Fold for a large number of markets around the globe, but a recent report based on leaked firmware files suggests that the smartphone will be released in a handful of markets including US, South Korea, Germany, France, India, and the UK.

Italy and the Netherlands are out of the loop since they are not getting any updates.

Here’s what’s been fixed in Galaxy Fold.

Strengthened Hinges, Smaller Screen Gap

Samsung claims that it has strengthened the top and bottom hinges and has added protection caps to prevent dust or debris from entering the region.

Another issue that most of the consumers complained about was the screen gap. When the smartphone was folded, there was a sizeable gap between the two screens. Samsung has reportedly reduced the gap to a great extent.

The company also claims to have added more applications and customized services, but the specifics are not known yet. The phone is expected to go on sale for €1,999.