WhatsApp Will Let You Connect to Multiple Devices on a Single Account Soon

WhatsApp has been getting all kinds of new features recently. The latest news is that WhatsApp is working on a new multi-platform system that will allow users to access their account on more than one device.

Right now, you can only use WhatsApp on something other than your phone with WhatsApp Web. Even with WhatsApp Web, you need to have your phone online and connected to your PC or laptop through the QR code.

The new multi-platform system will allow you to to remain active on multiple devices at the same time without being tethered to your phone. Other than that, the company is also improving on end to end encryption.

The new multi-platform feature will work alongside with WhatsApp’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, which is also in the making. When it’s available, you will be able to log in to WhatsApp Web on PC even if your phone (Android or iOS) is offline.

Voice/Video Call Support

At the moment, WhatsApp Web only supports a chat interface and doesn’t have the voice or video call feature. However, that might change once the new multi-platform feature is introduced. Details on these new features are scarce, so we don’t know what the interface will look like, but the functionalities will definitely be better.

The new feature will support existing platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. Compatibility for macOS is still unknown. It’s unclear whether the new feature will replace WhatsApp Web or not.

Watch this space for more on WhatsApp.

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