Oppo’s New Waterfall Display Takes on Samsung’s Curved Screen Phones

Oppo and it’s brand sibling Vivo usually come up with ideas and innovations that keep both the manufacturers in the headlines, and it looks like Oppo has done it again.

Today, Oppo’s vice president, Brian Shen shared images of a mysterious Oppo smartphone featuring nearly 100 percent screen to body ratio. This completely bezel-less screen is dubbed the ‘waterfall display’.

From the front, it looks like the display has no edges at all, hence the moniker waterfall display. This dual-curved edge display has one of the largest curves seen on a smartphone.

Compared to Huawei and Samsung’s curved displays, the curvature, as it appears on the images, is more pronounced. The edges curve at 88 degrees on both left and right edges.

The smartphone’s ultra-thin body, as seen in the images, makes us wonder where the front camera is. However, if you remember, Oppo showcased its under-display camera technology at the Mobile world congress 2019 at shanghai. We are guessing the mysterious smartphone will come with the same technology embedded under the display. The camera will not be visible unless it is accessed via the camera application.

Since Shen shared full-fledged images of the smartphone, it looks like Oppo will debut this marvelous mysterious smartphone in coming months.


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