INSEAD Grad Rejects Offers From Apple, Shell & Others to Join Pakistani Startup Eat Mubarak

Umair Chishti, McKinsey & INSEAD alumnus, has joined Eat Mubarak as Head of Delivery Services to improve and grow the delivery fleet and operational performance of Eat Mubarak. Over the past 10 months, Eat Mubarak has seen exponential growth, spanning over half a million users and completing 3500+ deliveries daily in 6 cities. We are hoping to expand operations with the direction given by Umair.

Umair brings with him vast international experience and knowledge. He has prior experience as Head of Downstream Strategy at TASNEE, Saudi Arabia and a consultant at McKinsey Middle East, and he hopes to apply that at Eat Mubarak.

“It is great to have qualified people coming back to Pakistan to work and invest in their own country and take up the responsibility of giving back to their community and their people. We, at Eat Mubarak, have the vision of becoming the biggest Pakistani food delivery and directory platform, and with people like Umair, who share the same passion and drive, and have great initiative, we hope to put this vision into action”, said Sair Ali, CEO of Eat Mubarak, upon Umair’s addition to the team.

Umair says,

My MBA at INSEAD gave me a range of options all over the world including Pakistan. I was looking for a place where I can inspire the next generation to do something big. In Eat Mubarak I found the opportunity to make a better tomorrow. It not only shares my own vision but has gone a long way to implement that by providing employment to over 400 people in just 10 months. This was the same spirit in which I helped McKinsey&Company open its office in Pakistan. The people at Eat Mubarak are the most inspiring people I have met, led by Sair Ali. Everyone I talked to at Eat Mubarak was driven by purpose and wanted to create a company that will transform the landscape not just in Pakistan, but all over the world.

Eat Mubarak has entered the food delivery market with more than 3,500 restaurants in a short span of time and doing thousands of food orders on a daily basis. Eat Mubarak is the only food platform that is integrated with the top apps of Pakistan, thus enabling users to order food from within other apps like JazzCash, Bank Alfalah Alfa App, HBL Konnect, SimSim, Fonepay etc.

  • Quite a headline you got there. You guys should be ashamed of the journalism quality. Every few months, you hit a new low especially on your sponsored posts. At this moment, anyone can get you to write anything they want if they give you some money.

    • Apple will give free iphones to order food?
      Intell will install microchip in your mouth to know how much you have eaten?
      Shell and Saudi Aramco give free petrol for your riders??
      Maersk will put food in their shipping containers to be delivered by your riders???

      Tons of dumbness in one headline of propk sponsonered post !!

  • Not sure how this article is remotely informative

    Somebody refused to work for apple and shell. Wow – haven’t heard that happen in a while

  • It’s sad to see such articles. Not only is it a click bait that annoys readers, it’s also poor marketing in general. If Eat Mubarak needs a PR manager that can write better content (because I know no one at Pro Pakistani is proof reading sponsored posts for shizz based on the grammatical errors and structuring of the story), I’ll do it all in house for you for 15k/month. Hit me up!

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