Consumers Lost Rs. 1.8 Billion Due to Fraud by IESCO Officials

Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) officers have reportedly colluded with private banks and collective bargaining agents (CBA) to rob power consumers. Around Rs. 1.8 billion has been stolen from power consumers in the last five years.

According to sources, the IESCO officials swindled the consumers through monthly electricity bills. They received the bill collection sheet from the private banks but did not inform the higher management of IESCO.

The said amount is only an approximation, the exact figures of the defrauded bills are still unknown however an investigation is underway. A special audit committee is examining the accounts of IESCO for last five years. Moreover, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has also been informed about the fraud.

Reportedly, IESCO management has not taken appropriate action against the culprits. It suspended a few officers on charges of ‘misconduct’ and enabled subsistence allowance for them.

Documents further revealed that the nine IESCO officers, including revenue officer, finance officer, assistant manager (banking), divisional accounts officer, accounts officer, city construction division, one daily wage employee, and commercial assistant, were suspended over ‘misconduct’ on July 29. Suitable action for these employees was charging them for fraud instead of misconduct.

Also, the main culprits in this fraud were high-ranked officials like CSD, CBA, finance director and those in private banks, but only low-ranked officials were suspended as scapegoats.

  • Iesco is still robbing people in the name of detection bills. I am victim of this fraudulent activity in the month of July, 2019.

  • Concerned to please take them to task with a heavy hand. Bloody looters. Shameful creatures

  • July,2019 electric bills which has to be paid in August shows considerably huge discrepancy in bills sent to consumers. Let the winter come and you will see what they do with gas bills. I was wondering if these people now going to pay their income tax et. From our pockets? Matlab Yar koi jaga tu chor do. Aik aik qadam py corruption aur loot maar? hum kaisey soch saktey hyn k Khuda is mulk py reham aur barkatain day ga Jahan bayinsafi aur lalach khatam honey ka naam hi ni lay Raha. Har Roz aam admi baymout mar Raha hy sirf isi waja say k kia khaey, kia pehnay aur kaisey jiey keun k us ki halal ki qamai ye log kha rahy hy

  • I put application to nab against in 2014 -15 corruption in nilor sub division and point them that they selling government item to public an private town but don’t take action so let’s see more corruption

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