PIA Losses Stack Up to Rs.1.8 Trillion During the Last 11 Years

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suffered a whopping loss of Rs. 1.8 trillion in the past 11 years.

In this period, PIA management faced ‘unjust’ rerouting of flights, political interference, manipulation by trade unions, and flights usage by heads of state and government.

During a meeting last month, PIA chief executive officer (CEO) revealed that while explaining the losses bore by the national airline during 2008-18.


PIA Reaches Break-even on Operational Level After Several Years

He said that the PIA underwent a loss of Rs. 1,872 billion in the past 11 years. The airline operated 50 flights for heads of state and government in 2012-17, which led to a loss worth billions of rupees.

Another reason for losses incurred by PIA has been identified as surplus staff. The government intends to introduce a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) for the PIA employees.

The Aviation Division presented a strategic business plan for PIA before Prime Minister Imran Khan on April 4, 2019. The PM approved the VSS and the liquidity requirement for mark-up payments.

  • Legacy carriers or full service airlines in the world are not making any profit due to fierce competition. Even Lufthansa group has posted Euro 450 M loss in first half of 2019. A sum of Rs 2555/ is being charged on account of Govt taxes, Airport and ATC charges on domestic routes by PIA in addition to its fair. However, not single penny has been paid into Govt account since many decades by PIA. Air travel is heavily taxed in Pakistan whereas there’s any or little tax on train or road travel. In order to promote tourism as dreamed by IK, Govt must lower or equal all taxes on air travel to give opportunity to middle class to explore beautiful places in North of Pakistan. Therefore, we must stop thinking that PIA will make profit. If anyone has doubt he can visit their booking office to view customer service.
    Lets promote Low Cost Carrier in Pakistan by lowering Air travel taxes.

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