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This Female Weightlifter from Pakistan is Also a PhD Scholar

Women empowerment might still not be where it needs to be in Pakistan, however, it has started bearing its fruit. From business to sports, women have been standing on equal terms with the men. There’s still a long way to go, but, the positive results can be seen across all sectors.

One such woman, who has been challenging stereotypes in the country is Kulsoom Abdullah, who is a professional weightlifter.

She is a Pakistani-American and the only woman to represent Pakistan in multiple weightlifting championships across the globe. And she pursues her dream of weightlifting while keeping a balance between sports and family life.

An engineer by profession, Kulsoom is a Ph.D. scholar and she is the first Muslim woman in the world to compete in an international weightlifting event while wearing Hijab.

She did her Ph.D. in Electrical/Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology after her bachelors in Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida.

She is indeed an inspiration for young girls who want to achieve their dreams despite limited support from family.

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  • Mashallah she is a PhD and has a repute of professional experience in weightlifting.

  • I don’t think Islam allow such acts, Hijab doesn’t mean to cover your hair on the head. What a waste of PhD

    • I was waiting for people like you to show up. Who are you to dictate what is and what isn’t a waste of a PhD? Do you have a PhD yourself? Have you been the first in the world to do anything? No, people like you only try to bring good people down while accomplishing nothing yourselves.

    • One needs to have the sickest mentality possible to think like this and by your parents’ grace, you are really blessed with it.

    • Do not bring Islam into everything. Islam is the only religion that gives equal rights to women. Are you a Muslim Scholar?
      Who are you to judge other people.
      People like you do nothing but discourage our youth.
      It is better to stay quiet if you don’t have something positive to say.

    • Your thinking and what Islam ACTUALLY allows are totally different. Go read up on Islam.

    • Can Propakistani ban this guy? He’s at every post that remotely mentions a female and starts making lecherous comments. Last I read he wanted to marry a genius 12-year old girl from Iran.

    • He contributes absolutely nothing to the discussions or the post itself and yet he can be always seen running his mouth on every single post.

    • Do you think you do a service by commenting on every post? You only make a fool of yourself.

  • Masha ALLAH! May ALLAH TA’LAA gives her more success in both education and passion.

  • Before everyone starts bashing me, let me get it out of the way. Her achievements brought me joy. Hats off to her! She is truly amazing.

    But this article is so misleading. While she has a Pakistani origin, she was born and raised in the US. So when you say “One such woman, who has been challenging stereotypes in the country”, that’s totally wrong.

    I’m really proud that she represented our country. But if she was based in Pakistan, I don’t think she would have gotten the opportunity to achieve what she did. I hope one day, we can rise above the patriarchal mindset of our society/culture and truly empower women.

  • i dont understand why she need to pretend hijaab drama.. when she is ready to wear tights and dress thats showing her body parts whats the purpose of covering head??

    • You want to know why? Try weighlifting in full hijab gear and you’ll find out why pretty quickly. And what “body parts” is she showing? She’s covered head to toe except her hands and face. What kind of perverted x-ray vision do you have?

      • Then she shouldn’t do weight-lifting. Is it necessary for a woman to do weight-lifting?

        • Is it necessary for you to be a m0r0n? Is it necessary for you to use the internet? Is it necessary for you to use a smartphone? At least she’s going out there and achieving things that 99.99% of women can’t. Does Islam prohibit people from working towards a better life? She has a PhD and an engineer. Are you gonna tell me that Islam prohibits education too now?

          She’s not doing it for the cameras. She’s doing it for herself. Get your head out of the gutter.

        • She’s out there setting an example and clearing misconceptions that Muslim women aren’t held back by their religion, and that they can compete with the women of any other country on an international level. That’s why it’s “necessary”, you m0r0n!

  • What a travesty of Hijab. She is bringing shame to Pakistan. This kind of ridiculous stuff is a product of a Westernised and un-Islamic mentality.

  • She is a US citizen… born to Pakistani parents who migrated years ago for a better future for their children. The US made her.

  • MaSha Allah, Great Inspiration Proud of you Madam Kulsoom. May Allah bless you always…Ameen

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