Man Petitions for a Ban on TikTok at Lahore High Court

A petition for banning Tik Tok has been submitted at Lahore High Court.

The plaintiff has argued in the petition that the Chinese video app is a total waste of time, money, and effort. He maintained that the application is spreading vulgarity and promoting pornography among the youth.

He asked the court to order the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to ban the lip-sync video app in the country. The petitioner demanded that the application should be taken down from Google and Apple stores in Pakistan.

He also suggested the establishment of a Privacy Protection Act under the federal government.

It should be mentioned here that a local court in India had banned the popular video-sharing app in February on similar grounds.

The ban was, however, lifted on the request of the company after it assured the court of strictly following ethical guidelines.

Via: Dunya News

  • Govt Agencies Who want to See where All “Benami Accasse” are hidden, they must see the SHOW OFF videos on Tiktok

  • In Pakistan should be ban this app so the PTA must to take action on TIKTOK
    This app destroy our young nation

  • I don’t understand why people raise objections on these things,
    If you don’t like any thing for what so ever reason/s avoid viewing it. Change your mentality not people. Conveyance people, aware them don’t try to enforce your likings or dis likings.

  • I think it is a good idea because wasting much time of young generation at least some old age peoples are using tick tock and wishing their important time

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