Police Arrests Man Behind 35-Hour-Long Robbery in Karachi

Karachi police has arrested the man responsible for the notorious 35-hour-long robbery in the mobile mall in Saddar Karachi.

The man walked into the mobile market on the night of July 27 and looted 111 mobiles worth Rs. 4.5 million in around 35 hours. During the time, there were four guards on duty in the mall but the well-prepared thief remained hidden during the act.

However, the man has now been arrested from the very same mall. Apparently, the thief did not leave the mall with the loot and this could not be identified, as he had blackened the CCTV camera with spray paint.


Man Steals Mobiles Worth Rs. 4.5 Million in a 35-Hour Long Robbery in Karachi

Two days later, the suspect came back to pick up the stolen phones and money which had been stashed in an empty shop. The alleged thief wasn’t lucky this time around and the police caught the suspect during the act.

Speaking to the media, SP Saddar Amjad Hayat and SHO Preedy Police Station, Liaquat Hussain, said that the suspect seemed to be a habitual offender. He came prepared with roasted chickpeas to sustain during the long robbery as well.

The police officers were shocked to learn that during all that time, the security guards on all four entrances of the mall were present but remained oblivious to the thief’s activities.

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