Man Steals Mobiles Worth Rs. 4.5 Million in a 35-Hour Long Robbery in Karachi

A lone robber has looted Mobile Phones worth Rs. 4.5 million during a 35-hour-long robbery in Saddar’s Aman Tower, Karachi.

The burglar entered the mall late on Saturday night and left at around 10:30 pm on Monday, said the police. During his 35-hour heist, he took 111 high-end Smartphones from a mobile shop worth Rs. 4.5 million.


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According to police, the suspect couldn’t immediately be identified because he blackened the CCTV cameras of the mall when he entered. In the CCTV video, a masked man can be seen using spray paint on the surveillance cameras.

A case has been registered in Preedy Police Station while the police have acquired the CCTV footage from the mall’s cameras besides other evidence.

Speaking to media, SP Saddar Amjad Hayat and SHO Preedy Police Station Liaquat Hussain said that the suspect seemed to be a habitual offender. He came prepared with roasted chickpeas to sustain during the hours-long robbery.


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The police officers were shocked to learn that during all that time, the security guards on all four entrances of the mall were present but remained oblivious to the thief’s activities.

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  • Surveillance cameras need to be monitored/manned 24/7 otherwise they are of no use

    Also motion detector alarms may alert the security and deter the robbers

  • This is the peak of robbery. Even a normal everyday snatcher must have not collected that much worth of phones in their lifetime of career. They should take notes. This guy really hustling. He destined to be caught but a job like this takes balls. Salute!

  • 4.5 Million Divided By Average Phone Cost PKR 10,000 Arround 450 Phone Liya Gya
    Which MEANS : 12 Phone Per Hours Howa

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