HBL Becomes the First Bank in Pakistan to Hit Rs. 2 Trillion in Deposits

HBL has reached the mark of Rs. 2 trillion in deposits in its balance sheet becoming the only bank to reach this milestone in Pakistan’s banking industry for 2019.

The bank first achieved deposits of Rs. 1 trillion in mid-2012. It is now maintaining deposits of Rs. 2.3 trillion as of June 2019.

Previously, National Bank of Pakistan was the first that crossed Rs. 2 trillion deposits by the end of 2018. However, it failed to maintain its deposits, which fell to Rs. 1.7 trillion in the first quarter of 2019, most probably due to the transfer of the government funds to the Treasury Single Account.

Other leading banks (United Bank Limited and MCB) stand far behind as their deposit mobilizations stand at Rs. 1.34 trillion and Rs. 1.06 trillion respectively.

HBL maintains the highest number of valued accounts in Pakistan’s banking industry.

Overall deposits of the banks constitute domestic deposits of Rs. 2.2 trillion and foreign deposits of Rs. 92.7 billion.

In domestic deposits, the bank maintains an amount of Rs. 916 billion in its saving accounts, Rs. 870 billion in current accounts, and Rs. 424 billion in term deposits of various customers including individuals, association of individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized traders, and big corporations.

In foreign deposits the bank maintains an amount of Rs. 78.9 billion in saving accounts, Rs. 7.4 billion in current accounts and Rs. 6.2 billion in saving instruments of term deposits.

The customers prefer to maintain their deposits in saving accounts over current accounts and saving features, showing their trust and loyalty for the bank due to its strategy, profit rates, and customer services.

Despite the huge deposit inflows, the bank is struggling to maintain its profitability which fell by 50 percent in the second half of 2019.

  • NBP and HBL are alive only because of sarkari accounts and govt mulazim’s salary accounts. Just like PTV is surviving on Rs. 35 monthly bhatta extorted through electricity bills. Otherwise there are worse things to mention about HBLservice.

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