Shahid Afridi & Gautam Gambhir are Fighting About Kashmir on Twitter

Former cricketers, Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir might have retired from cricket but looks like they haven’t let go of their famous on-field spat where the two exchanged words in Kanpur in 2007.

The former players are known for exchanging blows over different matters on social media and this time around, the bone of contention is the latest Kashmir issue.

After India stripped Kashmir of its special status through a Presidential decree on Monday, Afridi took to Twitter to urge the United Nations and the President of the United States to intervene in the matter and take note of Indian aggression in the Himalayan territory.

The cricketer-turned-politician, Gautam Gambhir couldn’t resist, as he never can with his words. He tweeted that the same things are happening but in Pakistan’s part of Kashmir.

Afridi has not yet responded to Gambhir’s tweet.

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  • It saddens me to read a man like gaimbars who has been around the world does not know what is happening in his backyard women raped children beaten up sons tortured unnamed graves go ask the locals don’t just read your biased local newspaper blinded by prejudice afridiy will not respond to immature comments when people’s are being systematically abused killed WHY THE BLACKOUT IF YOU GOT NOTHING TO HIDE YOUR COUNTRY GO SEE FOR YOURSELF INSTEAD OF ARMCHAIR COMMENTS WORLD SEE FOR YOURSELF EVIL GOING ON IN JK

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