Twitter Might Have Unknowingly Shared Your Data With Third Parties

Social media companies have faced a lot of heat for collecting and storing user data without their consent.

While Facebook has been in the headlines because of this, it turns out that Twitter has also been collecting data and may have shared it with third parties.

In a recent blog post, Twitter admitted that it has found a few issues in its privacy policy which could have resulted in sharing user data with third-party applications.

The company said that it might have shared user data without user consent. Users who clicked on or tapped an advertisement on the Twitter app after May 2018 may have shared some of their personal data with these third-party advertisements.

Thankfully, sensitive information like emails and passwords were not shared but the shared data might include the user’s country code and the time when the ad was viewed.

Twitter, referring to the issue, said,

We take these issues seriously and whenever an issue arises, we conduct a review to ensure that we make changes to prevent these types of issues recurring. In this case, we have deployed a fix which has corrected the data sharing authorization signals that caused this issue.