5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10

By Aasil Ahmed and Haamiz Ahmed

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was revealed today and it is already getting rave reviews for its nearly bezelless display and camera.

However, by the looks of it, it appears that Samsung has released an underwhelming base model to make the higher end Note 10+ more appealing.

The regular Note 10 does not justify its $950 price tag as you can get a lot more for less. Here’s why:

A Downgrade Over Galaxy Note 9

The biggest reason for not buying a Note 10 is that you get less on the regular Note 10. You get a smaller display, lower resolution, no headphone jack and a smaller battery going from the Note 9 to Note 10.

If you’re limited to $950 and already have a Note 9, you’re better off saving up some more and going for the Note 10+ instead.

Full HD Display for Nearly $1000

Context is important. A Full HD display is doable for a phone if it costs around $500-$600. However, if you’re paying $950 for a phone, a Full HD display is unacceptable.

Not convinced? Consider this. Samsung’s own Galaxy S10 is available for about $900 and you can get a QHD+ display on it. What’s more, Sony’s Xperia 1 is available for about the same price and offers 4K resolution.

That’s just one side of the argument. We haven’t even talked about phones that have a better display for a lower price.

OnePlus 7 is available for around $700 and you can get a QHD+ display on it, that too on an AMOLED screen and 90Hz refresh rate.

This makes it hard to justify the high price tag of the regular Note 10.

Low Battery Capacity

Samsung has traditionally included high-capacity batteries on Note phones. It makes sense too, as a large, power-hungry display makes it necessary to include a larger battery. Otherwise, the phone won’t be able to last you through the day.

Considering this, the Galaxy Note 10 seems like an odd choice with its lower battery and screen resolution.

You can find more battery capacity in other modern flagship devices for cheap. The OnePlus 7 Pro mentioned earlier and Xiaomi Mi 9T, for example, both feature 4000 mAh batteries with the same flagship-grade specifications and performance.

No Headphone Jack

This one should be obvious as a lot of people still use regular headphones or earbuds. Not including it on Note 10 means that you’re better off going for a different phone.

You can use a dongle with Note 10 so that your regular pair of headphones work, but that’s just another small thing that you can easily lose.

No SD Card Slot

Some would say that we’re nitpicking here as the Galaxy Note 10 already has 256GB of storage. Most people don’t need all that storage, but think about it, if you can easily transfer all your data by slotting in your old microSD card in your new phone, wouldn’t that make it a lot easier?

Not to mention that removing options for your customers isn’t a good approach in the first place.

What Samsung Should Have Done

It would’ve made more sense if Samsung only released the Note 10+ model as it actually justifies its specifications in that price range. On the other hand, if Samsung had launched the vanilla Note 10 at a much lower price (say around $800) then it would make sense to buy it too.

It would then have a clear lead over its rivals, being the only one with a feature-rich stylus and a gorgeous Dynamic AMOLED display in its price range. The better camera on the Note 10 (compared to the S10-series) would also make it a compelling option at that price range.

All things considered, the Galaxy Note 10 isn’t a worthy option at its price range right now. You can get an S10 which has a headphone jack and a better display for less or go for a different flagship altogether.

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