Sharjeel Khan Shouldn’t be Given Another Chance: Ramiz Raja

Former Pakistan Test cricketer turned commentator Ramiz Raja claimed that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) should not pave a path for Sharjeel Khan’s return to the national cricket team.

Ramiz Raja has always spoken against including corrupt players, which is why he opposed the return of Mohammad Amir, Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif who had been involved in a spot-fixing scandal.

Speaking about Sharjeel Khan applying for PCB’s rehabilitation program, Ramiz questioned:

Have we run out of batsmen that we have to bring back a cricketer who has brought shame to Pakistan Cricket?

He further added that talent should not be the only criteria for selection in the team.

We have suffered numerous times from bringing back tainted players yet we continue to welcome them just because of their talent. We should avoid being desperate and rather give new talent a chance to prosper.

Talking about PCB’s decision to remove the coaching staff including Mickey Arthur, Ramiz said that it was a good decision especially because they were given apt time to show their worth but they failed.

The coaching staff worked really hard with the team, but they failed to change the team’s fortune in Test and One-day Internationals (ODI). The system also failed them as they didn’t get finished products from our domestic cricket, which is why the team’s performance was inconsistent.

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  • Wrong ‘ We Need Power Hitter Opening Or Middle Order ‘
    Asif Ali Aur Sharjeel Khan Is Best Option hai Instead of Fakher Vs Hafeez Etc

    • it is right
      that pskistan team need hitter but dont you know about sharjeel khan what he did he shamed pakistan team and whole pakistan he shouldnt have to give chance because he did unfaithfulness

  • So if a cricketer from Punjab can play after bringing shame to Pak then why not from small province!!!

  • Well, we had bad experience already by getting Amir back into the National Team. That fraudulent, greedy, dishonest, dishonored dude just retired early from Test cricket at a very crucial time when the opportunity came for him to Payback the PCB and Pakistani Nation for the all the efforts and resources they spent for his impossible comeback.

    I recommend to just permanently Ban Sharjeel Khan, M. Amir and any other culprit for whole life from all ICC and Domestic leagues around the globe as well. They don’t deserve to represent Pakistan. They are such a humiliation and embarrassment for the Nation. And teach the leason by making example for the generations to come that there is no place for bad character, corrupt and greedy players.

  • Acha g amir ko q accept kia vo apko khala ka beta ha sab harmi hn hood to Ata kuch bas kera nikal raha hn dosro ma

  • We have seen India Australia and England protecting their players they usualy handle things by themselfs. Sharjeel has completed his punishment he is a clean person now and should be treated as one. You do not waste talent.

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