NEPRA to Investigate Electrocution Deaths and Power Outages in Karachi

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has initiated a formal investigation against Karachi’s power utility, K-Electric, over fatal incidents and wide-scale outages during the recent rain spell.

The authority has taken notice of the problems faced by the public and ordered a formal investigation under the section 27A of the Regulation of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Electric Power Act, 1997 against K-Electric.

Recent monsoon rains have wreaked havoc in the city, flooding several major streets and highways. Several accidents have occurred causing deaths due to electrocution. Moreover, several parts of the city have been facing prolonged power outages.

The regulatory authority will look into the potential violations of NEPRA codes, laws, standards, and other applicable documents by K-Electric.

The inquiry will also ascertain if there has been any violation or non-compliance of law resulting in loss of life and suspension of power supply to the consumers.

The regulator has appointed its senior officers to conduct an inquiry into the matter and compile a report within 15 days.

  • NEPRA should initiate a license to Karachi Muncipal Corporation for an IPP license to act as utility for the Muncipal Services on roads, streets, Street Toilets, Sandas, Hospitals, Clinics, Severage Links, Severage, Waste, trash disposal sites, and the KMC buildings. All the street lights will be provided by KMC own IPP for street light. Street Light Pole are the property of KMC. Royalty payment should be paid to KMC for electric utility lines under ground, over head by the KMC. All electrocuted should go into the account of KE. KE should engage KMC staff as managers, administrators, to man, organise, arrange, and maintain flow of electric power. All electric poles should have Solar PV panels to power the electric lighting on the streets, roads, and recharge batteries of cars, buses, which will be operative in Karachi as per reccomendation by the Global Climate Change.

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